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An Introduction to Amorganica + Offer!

I am excited to introduce you to an amazing new Australian online store carrying some of the best affordable natural beauty products around. I have been waiting for their launch for what seems like months now, and the day has officially arrived!
AMORGANICA brings you a fine selection of clean proven and responsible natural & organic beauty without the high price tag. They stock beauty products that are clean, truly natural and organic; proven to deliver results; and created by responsible and inspiring brands.

Let’s face it, choosing to adopt a greener lifestyle is sometimes frustrating and overwhelming when you factor in the often higher price of natural skincare, the research you have to do to determine if an ingredient is safe, and the struggle to find stores that sell truly natural products. Amorganica is that one-stop shop (that I wish existed when I first went green) that stocks affordable effective products that don’t contain any nasty ingredients.

Amorganica are just getting started and have introduced to Australia brands such as O.R.G Skincare, Evolve Beauty, Skin Blossom and Shea Terra Organics. They offer other brands such as Lily Lolo, Studio 78 Paris and there are more exciting brands to come.

Amongst all the products I am lusting over, I am eager to try O.R.G Skincare's Mineral Peel. It is a product you spray onto your skin and massage in, and watch as dead skin literally balls up under your fingers. It is a change from manual exfoliators which contain scrubby particles which could potentially irritate your skin.

***OFFER EXPIRED***I have also been in contact with AMORGANICA and we are super excited to share a special offer with you, my dear readers:


*Secret Offer of the ORG Skincare Mineral Peel applies only when added to an order made on 23rd April- 25th April. The Coupon Code is: WJUNKIE. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Customers will have to ensure they click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”, rather than the ‘checkout with paypal’ button, so they are given the option to enter the code. Any orders over $75 will immediately receive free standard delivery; this is available for a limited time only as well.

Shop this offer at Amorganica’s website:

Review: Fresca Natural Deodorant

I had been eyeing these products for over a year now and finally pushed the 'buy' button when my last natural deodorant stopped working for me. That's right folks, I don't know if I have funky body chemistry or what exactly is happening, but my experience is that a natural deodorant will work great initially, but will lose effectiveness over time, and my former stinky pits return. I have a chronic health condition that (simply put) causes my nervous system to be out of whack, and excessive sweating for no particular reason is just one of the perks I face on a daily basis. Due to this, I find it extremely important that a natural deodorant is effective as I am one of the biggest sweaters 'o' em all!'

I purchased two deodorants; the rose and the citrus, and I have been loving the results so far. I have been using these deodorants since November (yes, the review is way overdue...), and they haven't pooped out on me yet. They haven't stopped me from sweating- something a deodorant isn't meant to do anyway- but I have noticed my underarms are a LOT drier than they were. The only slight wetness I experience is the perspiration I get normally, not any sticky product residue from some deodorants that never seems to dry...
It keeps me mostly odour-free too, the only time I have odour is when I'm not letting my skin breathe, and using synthetic fabrics around my armpit area. I am completely stink-free after a session on my rowing machine. Love it!

The valley rose deodorant contains certified Bulgarian Rose essential oil; the most expensive oil in the world, known for its beautiful fragrance and balancing effect on the female reproductive system. The valley rose deodorant isn't recommended for pregnancy due to these qualities, however the Citrus Fresh can be used before, during, and after birth. The citrus fresh contains citrus oils such as mandarin, grapefruit and neroli. I absolutely love the scents of both these products. Fresca offer several unisex deodorants too, including a wooden spice fragrance which I am sure many males would like.

I feel a bit weird recommending one particular brand of deodorant, because everyone has different body chemistry, and what works for one, doesn't for another, but if you are interested in trying out a lovely product handmade in Australia, at a great price, and made by a company that have great customer service, check Fresca out. Fresca's website has so many great testimonials, it seems I'm not the only one that is in love with these deodorants.

I purchased the Valley Rose deodorant, and the Citrus Fresh deodorant for $18, and $15, respectively.

Review: Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin E Active Moisture Eye Balm

I felt it necessary to give a little shout out to this little gem after trying a sample that lasted me 9 weeks. Yes. 9. WEEKS. Twice daily use.
I brought a sample pack of the Elizabeth Dehn products (A few more reviews coming your way..), but I admit I was most excited to try this eye balm due to the love it has received in the green blogging area, and the ingredient list. If I am honest, the ingredients read to me like my ultimate dream team of botanicals. The list includes superstar shea butter, one of my favourite ingredients of all time, known for its intense hydrating properties and high vitamin A and E content. It also contains fennel to reduce puffiness, and eyebright, pomegranate and ginseng to lift and plump the skin. It is also worth mentioning that the balm is waterless, which I love, as it means it is highly concentrated and you aren't paying for any useless fillers.
I lavishly applied this balm of a night like it was an eye mask, but of a morning I applied less so that my under eye area wasn't left shiny. Any traces I had left on my pinky fingers after applying, I used on my lips to give them a hydration boost. I didn't find this eye product to be irritating at all, unlike others I have used, and I didn't develop milia, something I am extremely prone to. I noticed a subtle brightening of my eye area, and also something unexpected. My lower lashes are now longer after using this consistently, which I can't complain about! 
One of the biggest tips I have for this balm is to warm your fingers under warm water before applying, if you have notoriously cold hands like I am known for. The warmth of your skin allows the balm to turn into a oil for easy application, to prevent tugging and increase absorption of the active ingredients.
I would highly recommend buying a sample pack of the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics products, if not just to try this balm out. Hey, if you only used it once a day, it could last you 18 weeks (4 1/2 months)!
Full Ingredient List: raw organic butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, punica granatum (pomegranate) sterols, polyhydroxystearic acid, tocopherol (vitamin e), raw virgin rubus idaeus (red raspberry) seed oil, organic euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) extract, organic panax quinquefolius (american ginseng) extract, organic glycrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, organic lavandula angustifolia (bulgarian lavender) essential oil, organic foeniculum vulgare dulce (fennel) oil
The full size of the Vitamin E Active Moisture Eye Balm retails for $48 for 15 ml, or you can try out a sample pack for $5
* Opinions above are honest, and my own, as always.*