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Review and Comparison: Sleek Solstice vs Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palettes

I am sure you all know own, or have at least heard about Sleek's highlighting palettes. After all, they are one of the best affordable highlighting palettes available on the market. However, I noticed when I was looking for reviews comparing the Solstice and the Cleopatra's Kiss palettes, I couldn't really find anything. So, now that I own both, I thought that I would create the post that I wished were available when I was looking to purchase my first Sleek highlighting palette.

Both palettes come in gold packaging (Solstice is more of a rose gold) with a magnetic closure, and a decent sized mirror inside. They come with a cheap mini brush (that I haven't got around to throwing out yet). Each contain four highlighting shades; a mixture of cream and powder product.

And that's where the similarities end.

The Solstice palette contains one cream, and three powder highlighters. This is the palette for you if you love intense highlighters, with a single swipe making your cheekbones visible from the moon. The powder formula is super pigmented, with intense shine and a metallic finish. For daily use, I typically use a variation of all three powder highlighters, and when I want an over the top glow, I pair them with the included cream highlighter underneath. The cream can also be used on its own as a more natural glow.
The powders are definitely more wearable on the skin than they look in the pan, or swatched. However, if you are new to highlighters, this may be just a tad too intense for you. I am obsessed with this palette and love how pretty it looks on the skin (and how it lasts all day!). As a pale gal, all of these shades work well on my skin, but I wonder if they might look ashy on darker skin tones.

The Cleopatra's Kiss palette contains two cream, and two powder highlighters. This palette contains completely different shades to those in the Solstice palette; containing warmer and golden tones instead. This palette is definitely more designed for those with medium to deep skin tones, and less for those with skin as pale as I have. The two bottom shades are the only two I can wear as a highlighter, but I use the other two for eyeshadow.
The formula of the powders in this palette seems different to the Solstice palette. The highlighters aren't quite as pigmented and intense, and have obvious glitter, which doesn't worry me, but is something that I know some people do not like.
As with the Solstice palette, I find this palette to last all day on my skin.

Left to right: first four (Cleopatra's Kiss), last four (Solstice)

I have both highlighters, and reach for them both equally as much. Both palettes are gorgeous and look beautiful on the skin, they just serve different purposes. If you have medium/deeper skin tones and/or prefer a not quite as intense highlighter, go for the Cleopatra's Kiss Palette. If you prefer a seen from Mars, intense metallic glow, and have light skin, you may prefer the Solstice. Or you could be just like me and buy all the highlighters ;)

Hope you find this review helpful!


For those in Aus, Sleek is available from Target and Crush Cosmetics.


  1. I've had my eye on these since Sleek started being stocked in Target but I'm yet to actually find a store that has them in stock! :(

  2. really like your review about beauty products

  3. Thanks for this useful review. I'm torn with these palettes because I like the colors of the Cleopatra's Kiss better, but not the glitter in the formula.