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Review: Deep Steep Body Butter

I have super dry skin. SUUUPER dry skin. The kind that if not kept under control by various super emollient lotions and potions, will express it's discontent through extreme itchiness, tightness and flaking.
But, I think for once, that I have it properly under control *fingers crossed*.
And I have this product to thank.

Meet Deep Steep's Body Butter. I had been lusting over Deep Steep's product line for quite some time, until I realised that I could purchase it from iHerb. Deep Steep has an extensive all-natural body product line, including body washes, butters, lotions, oils and bubble bath. I was drawn to their attractive package design, and lured in further by their affordable prices. This body butter is only $7! 

Deep Steep's Body Butter is a luscious, thick consistency that impacts no greasy residue on my skin. As it is so thick it is harder to work into the skin than a lotion for example, but I love that, as I know that my skin will remain happily hydrated for the entire day. I have noticed over the time I have been using this Body Butter that I have had less ingrown hairs, and my dry skin stays away as long as I moisturise every day.

I have tried Deep Steep's Body Butter in Brown Sugar and Vanilla, Grapefruit and Bergamot, and Passionfruit and Guava. My current favourite is Brown Sugar and Vanilla as I find the vanilla scent to be sweet but comforting and calming.

This affordable natural Body Butter can also be used on dry feet and hands too, minus the greasy feel many creams leave behind. I can see this butter as a permanent staple in my body care arsenal, as it is effective, but extremely affordable.

You can get these Body Butter's from iHerb!

Have you tried Deep Steep? Do you have any favourite body moisturisers?