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Review: Colourpop No Filter Foundation

As a big fan of Colourpop products, I couldn't resist snatching up the new Colourpop No Filter Foundation as soon as it launched on their website. I have been testing out this affordable foundation for the past week or so, and gathering my thoughts on it. Is it dry skin approved? Keep on reading.

Products I have been loving lately (June 2018 ed.)

The last few months I have been lucky enough to be sent some amazing PR packages containing products that I have just fallen in love with. I wanted to share some of my favourite products that I have thoroughly tested in the past three months and can't get enough of. Also, they are basically all available at the Drugstore/ Chemist! Enjoy.

Review: Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation

 Marc Jacobs is a luxe makeup brand that has become increasingly popular amongst beauty bloggers over the years, so when they released the new Shameless foundation, there was a lot of hype. And as the reviews started rolling in, there were a lot of mixed opinions and quite a few negative experiences. I was desperate to try it and see how it would act on my skin, and gleefully received a PR package containing three shades.
The new Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation is a product I have been testing over the past month or so, and collecting my full thoughts on to give you a comprehensive review. Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

Products I Have Been Loving From RY.com.au | Illamasqua + Dermalogica

I was recently lucky enough to be sent some products from Illamasqua and Dermalogica by RY.com.au to test out. Both Illamasqua and Dermalogica are brands that I have not really explored, so I was super excited to be testing out some new goodies.

Philips DryCare MoistureProtect Hair Dryer

I am someone that is passionate about keeping my hair looking healthy, so when a hair dryer promises to keep my hair hydrated, I listen up. Philips DryCare MoistureProtect Hair Dryer promises just that, and has been a recent obsession of mine.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation Review

The L'Oreal Pro Glow foundation is a great example of how much later new makeup launches in Australia, compared to the US. Although the US have long been loving and raving over this foundation, and have since moved on to newer things, it has only recently launched 'Down Under'.
After trialling for a few months now, I wanted to share my thoughts on this foundation, and how I find it for super dry skin.

How To Keep Your Glow Throughout Winter


Cold weather is not kind on skin. Even those that are typically oily or don't have skin issues can end up dealing with dryness, and those of us that are already dry can end up a flaky mess if we don't take extra special care of our skin. So today, I wanted to share some of my current fave tips for dealing with the cooler weather heading our way, and how to minimise the toll it takes on our skin!

Review: Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

tarte shape tape hydrating foundation review

Before all of the Tarte shade range drama went down, I heard that they were releasing two new foundations; a matte version and a hydrating version, to expand their Shape Tape range. My eyes skimmed over the words 'matte' and settled on the words 'hydrating'. AH. A dry skin girl's dream, could it be?!