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Review: Kosmea Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+

I am no stranger to natural sunscreen products, and have tried more than my fair share in an attempt to find the best, most effective formulations out there. Kosmea's SPF 30+ is a relatively new love of mine and a product that you will find in my beach bag this summer!

Wellness: Paleo Pancake Recipe

I have been doing a lot of experimenting since going refined-sugar, gluten and dairy free. This is one of my latest creations. It is very simple but VERY delicious. Enjoy!

Review: Happy Skincare

Happy Skincare is an 100% natural Australian skincare company that I have had my eye on for years now. The Happy Skincare range contains products that are not only organic and vegan, but also effective for your skin. I love their philosophy, which is:

"Our philosophy to improve your skin health is the same as if you were trying to improve your overall health.

To keep your skin bright and clear you should feed your skin what it needs – natural and organic ingredients that have high anti-oxidant and vitamin content along with a healthy dose of essential fatty acids. Anti-oxidants are vital to help us fight oxidative stress caused by our lifestyles which depletes our skin of nutrients and is the precursor to many skin issues, including making us look older. We also look for oils high in Omega 3, 6, 9, 5 and 7 such as Chia Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Macadamia Oil."

I was fortunate enough several months ago to be send a sample pack of goodies by Happy Skincare to test out. When I ran out, I purchased full-size products of several products. Below are my honest (as always) thoughts about the Happy Skincare line.

Review: Happy Skincare Natural Deodorant Paste

I have a bit of a gripe with natural deodorants. They just don't seem to work as well as aluminium ones for me. I have accepted the fact that they don't block sweat (they aren't meant to), but darn it, they need to keep me fresh all day. I have tried so many, and today I am sharing one that is working for me so far (fingers crossed!)

Review: Theodent Toothpaste

Review: Earthwise Beauty Skincare


Review: Flora and Fauna Spring Beauty Box

Review: Earthwise Beauty

Review: Ozone Factory Hemp Seed Ozonated Oil

During my constant research into natural healing, one of the therapies I stumbled across is ozone therapy. Not only interested in its internal benefits, I also looked into brands that sell ozonated oil for topical use. I came across Ozone Factory and their products, and knew I had to try them out! Ozone Factory were generous enough to send me a bottle of their Ozonated Hemp Seed Oil to try out.

Wellness: Cheesecake Fat Bombs

May Empties

It seems like May was the month for using up trial size products, as well as some loved purchases and some products that just didn't work for my skin.

Wellness: Get Your Boom Back

Several months ago I discovered a new company based in the UK, called Get Your Boom Back, that offers frequency and wellness products to increase health. I have been so impressed at the quality of their products and the benefits I and my family have already received, that I wanted to share it with you. I will have a future post detailing the benefits my family and I have noticed using the products. For now, I just wanted to tell you about this brand, and why I believe that frequency and amino boosters can play a significant part in increasing our overall health.

Review: Dusty Girls Makeup

Dusty Girls is a relatively new natural makeup line farmed by Moogoo; a skincare brand that has a large following in Australia and beyond, and a brand that I personally have loved for years. Moogoo have created Dusty Girls to look after our skin with makeup that is healthy and safe, and makes us glow!

Review: Miskin Organics

Miskin Organics is a skincare company full of artisanal potions individually hand blended in small batches in a small studio in Queensland, Australia. Inspired by the creator, Amanda's, own health and wellbeing journey, in search of nurturing her whole self, she found her passion for creating unique and indulgent potions for delectable skin.  Conscious about the health of herself and the planet and knowing that our bodies absorb what we put on our skin, she taught herself about the attributes of organic plants and botanicals and how they can benefit and support natural healthy skin. Miskin encourages you to take time to connect to yourself, indulge and enjoy a pleasurable skin ritual.
"Nutrient rich, organic botanical's are chosen for their calming, regenerating & powerful antioxidant properties, while protecting the skins moisture balance, to restore visibly radiant skin.
Effective and innovative vitamins and minerals (bio actives) are combined at optimal concentrations to visibly repair protect and prevent accelerated skin aging and maintaining the appearance of youthful looking skin.
These indulgent formulations create vibrant synergies specifically targeted to individual skin concerns that nourish and balance, giving you visibly glowing healthy skin."
I was recently lucky enough to try out the full range of Miskin Organics products. I tested them over a four week period, and will share my thoughts below.

Review: Elaa Skincare Sample Pack

Hey guys! Sorry for the long break between posts! Today I am featuring a brand that I have been curious about for years, but only recently had the opportunity to try; ELAA SKINCARE. I ordered a customised sample pack from Elaa Skincare and have been using it for over three weeks. I am so in love with the quality and formulation of Elaa's products, and wanted to post a mini review on the goodies I bought.

Review: Herbal Face Food

I was lucky enough to receive a trial size of Herbal Face Food, which lasted approximately ten days, and I had already sprung for the full-size as I was nearing the end of my little bottle! I have been using Herbal Face Food for five weeks now, long enough for me to gain an impression of the benefits of this powerful product.

Review: Hello Hair Hydrating Mask

I am a big fan of popping in a deeply hydrating mask when I have just spent the day at the beach, or when my hair feels that it is lacking in moisture and shine. Since I converted to natural products, I have found it hard to find a totally natural hair treatment mask that works! For over two years, I relied on pure coconut oil to hydrate my thirsty locks, but it always felt like it was 'missing' something.

Nearly five months ago now, I made a snap decision to purchase Hello Hair's Hydrating Mask.

March Empties 2015

I haven't posted an empties post for quite a while, so here you go!

Review: Mokosh Moisturising Lip Balm with Shea, Olive and Vanilla

February Wishlist

I haven't posted a Wishlist for quite a long time (sorry!), so I thought I would write about some products that I am currently lusting over.

Review: Org Skincare Organic Mineral Face Peel

I had been wanting to try Org's Mineral Face Peel for such a long time, but alas, shipping was too expensive to Australia. Then Amorganica launched and became the first stockist in Australia. And boy, was I excited! I purchased this peel and some other goodies, and eagerly awaited their arrival. And let me tell you, all the waiting was worth it. In fact, I would consider this a holy grail product which I have permanently added to my beauty arsenal.

Review: Frank Body Scrub