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Review: No Pong Deodorant

I have been testing a deodorant for over two months now, and I have to say, it may just be the most effective deodorant I have tried yet!

Review: Earthwise Beauty Magical Babassu Facial Oil & Basic Face Moisturiser

I have been enjoying two new-to-me creations by Ava (creator of Earthwise Beauty); a recently released facial oil called Magical Babassu, and a long standing moisturiser in her range, for over two months now, so I thought I should share my thoughts with you guys.

Review: 7skins Youth

I was recently approached by 7skins, a newly launched Australian skincare company, to test out and review products from their range. I delightfully accepted and you will find my honest review below with descriptions of the products I tried (and loved!). First, I thought I would tell you a little about 7skins.