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Review: REF Haircare

I switch my haircare up as much as my underwear, until I find a brand or products that work for my dry, long hair. Lately I have been testing out some hair products from REF hair care, and I have been enjoying them so much I needed to share my thoughts!

REF. is a Swedish Hair Care company created to be the natural choice in hair care products for the conscious consumers of tomorrow. Reflecting the Swedish standards of purity, integrity and quality, REF. is true to its origin and heritage in its production process and ingredients, as well as the values of the brand.

REF products are Paraben and Sulfate free, and contain natural extracts of omega-rich linseed oil and ultra emollient Tamanu oil, selected for its healing and repairing properties.

Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

A shampoo and conditioner featuring extracts of neem, lingonberry seed and walnut, Tamanu and Argan oil. Reconstructs and renews hair for optimal health and shine. They repair hair that is dry and damaged from chemical services and thermal styling. Healing Tamanu oil is calming and nourishing on hair and scalp.

This shampoo and conditioner have been my favourite products from the REF range I tried. This shampoo doesn't foam up quite as much as a drugstore shampoo, but still leaves the scalp feeling clean and fresh, without feeling stripped. This really seems to be keeping my dry scalp and dandruff in control as well, which is amazing for a shampoo not targeted to that. I love the scent of this shampoo, so yummy but not overpowering.

The conditioner is super hydrating, but not too thick, and detangles my super knotty long hair easily. I am generous in the amount I use, but I feel like a little of this would actually go a long way. This washes out leaving the hair soft and shiny, but not greasy and without any build up. I love it!

Heat Protection Spray

Forms a protective barrier and prevents damage from heat styling. Can be used with any heat appliance. Gives shine and light hold.

This spray is perfect to spray in my hair before I straighten it, and it leaves my hair with a gorgeous shine. It also reduces any frizziness and doesn't leave my hair feeling like it is coated in product. Recommend this one!

Ultimate Repair Treatment Mask

An intense hair reconstructor containing blackcurrant, lingonberry and walnut seed oil, as well as Tamanu oil and keratin. A nourishing protein treatment for dry and damaged hair that improves hair quality by restoring strength and condition. Rebuilds hair damaged by chemical services, thermal styling and environmental exposure. Improves manageability and adds shine.

I am obsessed with hair masks, and try to do them regularly, but I always forget! I particularly like these type of masks, with the thick conditioner type of consistency. I typically apply these masks to damp or wet hair and leave for as long as I have time, but at least 5 minutes. I find this mask really helps my hair appear much healthier, shinier, and more hydrated. I have very dry hair that is a bit damaged at the ends (due for a trim), and this really makes a difference to the way it looks and feels. Of course you could also use your conditioner as a treatment (leaving in your hair for an extended period of time, then rinse out), but I like the luxury of having a product specifically designed for this purpose.


I love REF hair products and would recommend them to anyone looking for salon products that give you amazing results.

You can purchase REF hair products from Luxury Beauty Concepts.

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