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Review: Lily Loves Pearl Purifying Gel Cleanser

I would like to introduce you to a cleanser I have been enjoying for the past three months, ever since I bought it. It is no secret I am totally in love with Lily Loves Pearl's Hyper Hydrate Moisturiser, so when it came time to make another order for my mother and myself, I ordered this cleanser to try, as as much as I love my Kora cleanser, it can be a tad drying night after night. I was curious to the consistency of it, as I hadn't used a gel cleanser before, and the ingredient list was composed of botanical extracts and oils. I was worried that it might dry out my skin, as gel cleansers are notoriously known for being a tad drying.

I use this cleanser every night except for the rare occasion when I am wearing heavy makeup and require something heavy-duty to remove the gunk off my face. It removes my mineral powder makeup and sunscreen with ease luckily though, as it is my go-to look. I massage two pumps of this into my damp face with my hands for a few minutes, and then rinse clean. It leaves my face feeling so soft and comfortable, and I don't get that stripped feeling or it doesn't leave residue; two big issues I have found with cleansers. My skin feels happier and healthier with this cleanser. It's a keeper!

Price: $36 for 100ml OR $56 for 200ml

Ingredients: Love, Certified Organic Calendula extract, Certified Organic Chamomile extract, Certified Organic Olive leaf extract, Certified Organic Glycerine, Coco glucoside, Certified Organic Guar gum, Citrozine (Orange extracts) Certified Organic Lavender oil, Certified Organic Bergamot oil, Certified Organic Rose Hip oil, Certified Organic Jasmine extract, Certified Organic Mandarin oil, Certified Organic Rose Otto, Certified Organic Neroli essential oil.

Buy it here: Lily Loves Pearl website

Kora Organics Recovery Eye Gel Cream and Purifying Day and Night Cream Empties/Review

In the spirit of keeping things totally honest on my blog (as all my reviews are!), I decided to write a combined empties/review post on two Kora Organics products I have used up, which are the Recovery Eye Gel Cream, and the Purifying Day and Night Cream.

Purifying Day and Night Cream: This was actually my second attempt at Kora's moisturisers. I had initially purchased the Soothing Day and Night Cream and had a terrible experience with it, but I was so convinced that I had just brought the wrong moisturiser for my skin type, I gave it away and brought the Purifying one. The first couple of nights I used it I noticed that my forehead and temples felt particularly tight after using the product, and it was as though the moisturiser was just sitting on top of my skin. Sure enough, over time my face was so dry it was flaking, and it felt so uncomfortably dry that even rosehip oil couldn't soothe it. It developed a rough texture and I think that because it was so dry, it had started to produce excess oil and my acne flared up terribly. I am so terribly disappointed in the quality of these moisturisers as I had heard rave reviews about them, and each one cost $60. I gave the Soothing cream to my friend, and resorted to using the Purifying cream as a body moisturiser to simply use it up.

Recovery Eye Gel Cream: This was actually my first experience with an eye product, so needless to say I had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, this product failed to deliver. I used it every night for two weeks, and noticed that it was making my eye area tight and dry, and I was rapidly sprouting milia. Before using this product, I had two or three, but by the end of two weeks, I had at least ten. I ended up just using this product up anyway I could, avoiding my face.

In the end, I think I learnt from this experience that even if a product has rave reviews, you should still do your own research and try not to buy into all of the hype. I could have potentially saved myself a lot of money (haha!).

I purchased my Kora products from RY.com.au 

Christmas Wishlist

I have compiled a list of products that have been on my radar lately, and that would also make great Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Flight Skincare Camellia Face Treatment ($62), and Acai Firming Plant Mask ($42) - I haven't just fallen in love with the idea of these products, but instead the whole line. I love a good mask and face oil, but think all of Flight's products look great! I can't decide what I want to try first!

Aromatherapy Personals Anxiety Relief ($20) - I have a health condition which causes my body to be constantly stuck in the fight-or-flight response, which amongst other things, means that I am constantly anxious. I am a big fan of essential oils for helping me relax and unwind, and I love that this is in a convenient roll-on.

Herbivore Botanicals Blood Orange Lip Butter ($14.95) - Blood Orange flavour and only four ingredients? Count me in!

Osmia Organics Oh So Soap ($12) - There are many Osmia products that I have my eye on, but this one looks like it would be perfect for my sensitive skin. I love moisturising soaps, and this looks like a great alternative to the goats milk soap I am currently using.

May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud ($80) - I ordered this the first day of pre-orders, but living in Australia means I will be waiting a little while longer to get my hands on this one. But good things are worth waiting for, right?