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Review: The Soak Life Bath Soak

You know how amazing you feel after soaking in the sea? With The Soak Life Salty Bath Soaks you can get that feeling anytime in the comfort of your own bath!

Review: Goddess Provisions Subscription Box

Although just a little (LOT!) overdue, I wanted to share my thoughts on the September Box from Goddess Provisions. I hadn't heard of Goddess Provisions until they contacted me asking if I wanted to try out their box, and when I seen that it contained crystals, tea and other spiritual goodies, the inner hippie in me couldn't have been more excited. Keep reading for my thoughts on the September Box from Goddess Provisions.

Review: Razor Alliance

Have you ever thought about the cost of regularly buying disposable razors, and worked out just how expensive (and inconvenient) it can be to keep yourself hairless for a whole year? One company has, and they have come up with an ingenious solution that will save you money and prevent those annoying trips to the supermarket.

How To: Clean Your Detangling Brush

I recently was generously gifted a detangling brush from Hello Hair, and wanted to keep it looking as new as possible, as long as possible, despite using it daily. I thought I would share the most effective way I have found to keep my brush looking new. Keep reading for the simple steps below.

Review: Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx 120K Laser

About a month ago, one of the best PR packages I have received arrived, and I have been so excited to share what it is with you!

Hair removal is one of those tedious tasks that plague many women, and some men. As a result of genetics and hormonal imbalances, I have struggled with excess and dark hair all over my body for years. I personally have mainly stuck to a razor, depilatories and a tweezer for hair removal, but find it frustrating how quickly the hair grows back, and how stubbly it is. I am also too much of a scaredy-cat to wax myself! I have always dreamed of getting laser hair removal done in a clinic so I could have hair free arms. However, clinic treatments are expensive and time consuming, and I would prefer something I could use in the privacy of my own home.

Enter the Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx 120K.

Review: Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser

I was approached by Clemence Organics to see if I would be interested in trying a product from their natural skincare range. Clemence Organics is a newly launched line made right here in Australia. I was lucky enough to be sent their Refining Cleanser.
Cleansing is to me the most important step of any skin care routine, so naturally I am picky about what I use and recommend. Keep reading below to see if I recommend this cleanser by Clemence Organics!

Review: Nars Illuminator in Copacabana

For a while now I have been utterly obsessed with highlighting products. In fact, if I could only use two makeup products they would probably be lipstick and highlighter. I have only just begun to delve into the world of highlighters, and I have already found a couple that are worth a mention. Today, I thought I would talk about a product I picked up from Mecca a few months ago and am seriously loving: Nars Illuminator in Copacabana.