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5 easy ways to make a difference to your health

1. Embrace probiotics- a healthy gut means a healthy body. A healthy gut wall ensures that nutrients are able to be effectively absorbed.

2. Drink more water. An easy one, but something so many people struggle with. Adequate water helps your body rid itself of toxins, helps concentration levels, keeps cravings at bay and plumps up your skin.

3. Love yourself a little more. Embrace your body. Learn to love the bits that you poke, prod and pull at; the bits that you turn your back on when you glance in the mirror. Learn to treasure yourself in your own special way; whether it is through a daily five minute meditation, body brushing, smiling at yourself in the mirror or repeating positive affirmations whenever you find yourself being critical.

4. Reduce stress. Breathe deep. This takes pressure off the adrenal glands. Stress can throw everything out of balance, including your hormones, which affect everyday bodily functions.

5. Reduce chemical intake. Stop eating so much packaged food. A banana is a better choice than a packet of chips, and cost economical too.

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