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Review: Mukti Shampoo and Conditioner

Finally, a natural shampoo that doesn't weigh your hair down or leave it feeling like straw. I must really like this shampoo, because I brought the full-size and am thinking about buying another bottle when this one runs out. FYI, it lasts forever! I have had mine for at least three months, and I think I am only halfway through it. I wash my hair 2/3 times a week, and use approximately three pumps (they are small). It leaves my hair feeling comfortably clean, and totally shiny. It has a very natural floral scent, with strong notes of lavender.Worthy of HG status, I think I am done searching for the perfect natural shampoo.

Like the shampoo, it washes out leaving your hair feeling like your hair (not an oily, weighed-down mess like some others..). Not crazy about the scent (I think it smells like silly putty), but the scent doesn't linger after you rinse it out. You may have noticed that I have pictures of the shampoo and not the conditioner. This is because I am still using samples, as I'm not sure whether to take the plunge into the full-size yet (500mls!). This obviously means that I am not as crazy about the conditioner as the shampoo, but it has still done the best job of all of the natural conditioners I have tried so far. The main issue I have with any natural conditioner is that isn't hydrating enough for my hair (and I'm still totally addicted to the ability of silicone to retain moisture inside my hair shaft). I guarantee that if you don't have crazy dry straw ends like mine though, you will love this.

Would I recommend?: Hell yeah! I can't believe Mukti isn't more well known amongst the natural beauty bloggers. Plus their products are really affordable if you counter in how long the products actually last for..

*Reviews as always, are honest and my own.

Try the shampoo and conditioner in travel-size before taking the plunge into the full-size products by Mukti.


  1. I have never tried Mukti products, I should have tried it the first thing!! Which product would you recommend from them? I currently really want to try Everescents hair duo since they have a product for each specific hair type. Have you tried them?

    1. I use and recommend the shamp and cond, tinted moisturiser, exfoliator, calendula crème, sebogel, and both masks in their collection. Plenty of overdue reviews to come! I have tried a few of the Everescents products; the lavender and the rose shampoo, the rose and the cinnamon and patchouli conditioner, and the cinnamon and patchouli treatment. I have a review of the treatment coming very soon, so keep an eye out for that!

  2. Hi, I have only ever used salon (chemical) hair products and want to make the switch to natural! Do you have a preference of Mukti or Everescents or are they both pretty similar? Thanks :-)

    1. Hi Rebecca, I would recommend the Mukti hair products! I absolutely love the shampoo; it is the one I use to wash my hair with twice a week. What is your hair type? If you don't have parched, dry hair, I would recommend the Mukti conditioner too. I have tried the Everescent shampoo's and found that they made my scalp feel itchy. Hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions x