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Review: Lily Loves Pearl Purifying Gel Cleanser

I would like to introduce you to a cleanser I have been enjoying for the past three months, ever since I bought it. It is no secret I am totally in love with Lily Loves Pearl's Hyper Hydrate Moisturiser, so when it came time to make another order for my mother and myself, I ordered this cleanser to try, as as much as I love my Kora cleanser, it can be a tad drying night after night. I was curious to the consistency of it, as I hadn't used a gel cleanser before, and the ingredient list was composed of botanical extracts and oils. I was worried that it might dry out my skin, as gel cleansers are notoriously known for being a tad drying.

I use this cleanser every night except for the rare occasion when I am wearing heavy makeup and require something heavy-duty to remove the gunk off my face. It removes my mineral powder makeup and sunscreen with ease luckily though, as it is my go-to look. I massage two pumps of this into my damp face with my hands for a few minutes, and then rinse clean. It leaves my face feeling so soft and comfortable, and I don't get that stripped feeling or it doesn't leave residue; two big issues I have found with cleansers. My skin feels happier and healthier with this cleanser. It's a keeper!

Price: $36 for 100ml OR $56 for 200ml

Ingredients: Love, Certified Organic Calendula extract, Certified Organic Chamomile extract, Certified Organic Olive leaf extract, Certified Organic Glycerine, Coco glucoside, Certified Organic Guar gum, Citrozine (Orange extracts) Certified Organic Lavender oil, Certified Organic Bergamot oil, Certified Organic Rose Hip oil, Certified Organic Jasmine extract, Certified Organic Mandarin oil, Certified Organic Rose Otto, Certified Organic Neroli essential oil.

Buy it here: Lily Loves Pearl website


  1. I have been looking for a new cleanser, and I love that this is made locally from where I live! Thanks for the review, this brand seems really lovely x Anna