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Review: Earthwise Beauty Catharsis Cleanser & Ferns and Moss Serum

I think it is clear by now just how much I am enamoured by Earthwise Beauty. I have tried every single of Ava's creations, and love them all so much. You can find reviews of many of Earthwise Beauty's offerings by using the search box on the right side of my website.
I was sent two beautiful new products from Earthwise Beauty to test out and review for my readers. One is an uber hydrating facial oil named 'Ferns and Moss', and the other is a unique hydrating powder cleanser that can also multitask as a mask. My thoughts on each are below.

Ferns and Moss Serum

Ferns and Moss comes as a super thick, richly coloured facial oil. This baby is basically a miracle in a bottle that is suitable for any skin type that needs serious nourishing, repair, restructuring, moisture retention, healing, cell regeneration, detoxing (a need for detoxing is evident as recurring dark spots or overall unhealthily dark or dull facial appearance, or as water retention and puffy appearance) as well as damage and wrinkle reversal. It is non-comedogenic, which is uncommon in deeply hydrating and skin restorative products. I have acne-prone skin, and I find this oil to not only not break me out, but actually heal acne. More on that below. This serum is vegan, cruelty-free, handcrafted and fair trade.
Ferns and Moss serum contains many unique oils and zero filler ingredients. Two key ingredients used in this formula are andiroba oil and copaiba balsam essential oil. Andiroba is highly healing, and reduces puffiness, heals and prevents acne, and increase collagen production. Copaiba balsam has a unique sweet scent and anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-acne and soothing properties. Madagascar tamanu oil also features in Ferns and Moss for its ability to heal skin without scarring, antibacterial properties and rejuvenating the skin into its deep layers. Seabuckthorn; one of my favourite oils, contains powerful antioxidants and anti-ageing effects. Ferns and Moss also contains Manquetti mongongo oil, which is thick and rich and offers wrinkle reducing effects.
The scent of this serum is unusual and unlike anything I have smelled before. To describe it is quite difficult, but I would say it is a combination of earthy, nutty, and sweet tones. You can definitely tell why it got the name 'Ferns and Moss'; while containing fern and moss, it is also what I am reminded of every time I inhale this.
I tend to use this oil/serum as more of a spot treatment, targeting areas with scarring, acne and dryness. I literally only need a couple of drops of this and have found the smaller bottle to last forever. I find that when I use this my acne scarring seems to fade quicker, and my active acne reduces in size. If you have poorly healing skin, like I do, I recommend trying this serum out, as it is helpful for a multitude of issues. It is particularly great for healing wounds without scarring, and tackling dryness head on.

Full Ingredients: Organic unrefined cold-press Carapa guianensis (andiroba) oil, organic unrefined cold-press Moringa oleifera oil, organic unrefined cold-press Schinziophyton rautanenii (manquetti mongongo) oil, organic unrefined unfiltered cold-press Calophyllum inophyllum* (tamanu) oil, wildcrafted Hippophae rhamnoides (seabuckthorn berry) CO2 Total extract, Calendula officinalis CO2 Total extract*, wildcrafted Copaifera officinalis (copaiba balsam) essential oil, Ferula galbaniflua (galbanum) essential oil*, unrefined cold-press Simmondsia chinensis (golden jojoba) oil*, wildcrafted Evernia prunastri (oakmoss) absolute. *Organic

Catharsis Cleanser

Catharsis Cleanser is like a green smoothie for your skin. It contains a finely milled blend of herbs and green algae to heal, hydrate, firm and invigorate. Catharsis is a clever multi-tasking product that can be used as a cleanser or a mask.
This cleanser/mask powerhouse delivers all the benefits of a clay mask (think clean, clear skin and refined pores), without the drying to the skin that clay can cause. Catharsis contains no clay; unique for a powder product, and actually hydrates the skin. Aloe leaves that are dried and ground to a powder make up the base of Catharsis. These aloe particles act as miniature sponges that rehydrate when activated with water and result in plumped up, well moisturised skin. Catharsis also contains neem. Neem is highly antimicrobial, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and has the ability to regenerate skin cells. Spirulina and chlorella are added to the mix to clean the pores, detox and nourish with a wide array of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
Catharsis contains zero gritty ingredients or scrubby particles that could scratch the skin and cause irritation. It is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive. However, extremely sensitive folks should patch test first (as always with a new product) to ensure that the strongly antibacterial neem leaves do not cause irritation.
My favourite way to use Catharsis is as a mask. I simply add water to the dry powder and mix to a paste, then apply to my face and leave for as long as I have time. If I use it as a cleanser, I add water to turn it into a paste, then massage into my skin using circular motions, then rinse. Regardless of how I use it, I am always left with baby soft, super clean and hydrated skin. My skin seems so calm and happy and breakouts have shrunk.

Full Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis leaf powder*, neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf powder* (India), organic Spirulina platensis powder, organic broken-cell Chlorella vulgaris powder, orange (Citrus sinensis) peel powder*. *Organic

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