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Review: Good Green July Subscription Box

Today I am back with another subscription box review. I was lucky enough to receive Good Green's July Box, which was filled with lots of different goodies to try out, including two FULL-SIZE products. Keep reading below for my first thoughts on the products included.

Julisa 5 Free Nail Polish
The polish I received was a shiny black colour. I love black nails as I find they contrast well against my pale skin. I love that this polish is 5 free, vegan and cruelty free. I am usually too lazy to upkeep my nails with polish as I am OCD about them, and the second I get a chip, it has to be completely removed. However, this is a great polish for the times when I want to make an effort and have gorgeous looking nails. It applies easily and evenly, didn't streak, and dries fast. The packaging for this polish is also so gorgeous you will want to display it!

Moogoo Shea Sorbet Butter Balm
I love Moogoo products and this product is no exception. I reserve this for the driest parts of my body; including my heels, peeling skin around my nails, and elbows. It contains shea butter; an intensely moisturising ingredient. It also contains lime essential oil, which gives it a glorious citrus scent.

Wild Harvest Care Cool Body Lotion
This lotion is one of three body moisturiser's included in this month's box; perfect for winter weather. It has a light lilly pilly and grapefruit scent and hydrates well despite being a super light texture. This lotion is not vegan as it contains emu oil; a superb moisturiser for dry skin.

Manuka Biotic Natural Body Lotion
This lotion is 100% natural, cruelty free and made in Australia. It has a great track record at treating eczema (which I am lucky to not suffer with). It hydrates well and has a tea tree scent which doesn't linger. It has a simple ingredient list which many will appreciate.

Bare Oils Sweet Dreams Sleep Blend
This product will delight essential oil lovers. I received this in their last box and loved the scent and the way it seemed to help me get to sleep easier. It is a tiny sample but you only need to pop a couple of drops on a tissue, and then place under your pillow.

Christy Organics Trance Natural Perfume
This perfume is made up of only pure plant absolutes, pure essential oils, resins and jojoba oil. This vial is so tiny and cute, and is the perfect size for when you are travelling and want to take perfume but don't have the space for your full sized bottle. The scent of this is beautiful; a combination of jasmine, cedarwood and bergamot. I was excited as soon as I read it contained jasmine, and it didn't disappoint! I apply this to clothing as I find perfume (natural or conventional) irritates my sensitive skin. I love that this is made in Australia!

Esse Deep Moisturiser
This moisturiser piqued my curiosity when I read it contains probiotics to balance your skin and build a defence to resist attacks from the environment and reduce the impact of aging. This moisturiser is natural, certified organic, cruelty free, vegan and fair trade. I love that it contains rooibos leaf extract as the first ingredient; one of my absolute favourite skincare ingredients. This moisturiser is a light brown colour, and I find it hydrates my face well without breaking it out.

Safix Foot and Body Scrub Pad
I love how eco friendly this scrub pad is. It is made from natural coconut fibers and lasts for several months, and is biodegradable. I use this pad on only the tough parts of my skin, including my heels, elbows and knees, as I find it is too abrasive on sensitive or thin skin.
To get your hands on your very own Good Green Box, visit their website.

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