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Review: Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

tarte shape tape hydrating foundation review

Before all of the Tarte shade range drama went down, I heard that they were releasing two new foundations; a matte version and a hydrating version, to expand their Shape Tape range. My eyes skimmed over the words 'matte' and settled on the words 'hydrating'. AH. A dry skin girl's dream, could it be?!

And then all the drama ensued, with the release of the ridiculous shade range. But we won't go into that, because it has already been said everywhere else. It was a disappointing move on Tarte's part to release shades that weren't inclusive, but yet, not much has ever been said about the lack of deep shades in plenty of drugstore and even high end brands.

But anyway. Back to the Hydrating foundation. I was unsure whether to pick it up after the controversy, but I decided it would be ironic to boycott Tarte while using other brands that have limited shade ranges. Of course, it is up to you whether or not you decide to support Tarte. I have decided to try to include more inclusive brands in the future on Wellness by Kels, so that everyone can find their perfect shade.

I picked up the Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation in the shade Fair Light Neutral.

tarte shape tape hydrating foundation review

As far as the foundation goes, it had some pretty big shoes to fill after the success of the Shape Tape concealer. I ordered the hydrating foundation with the hope that it would be more lightweight and more friendly on my super dry skin than the Shape Tape concealer, which I find quite drying on my skin, and too full coverage for my everyday needs.

The claims for this foundation are quite extensive. Tarte claim that the hydrating foundation is a hypoallergenic, luminous-finish gel foundation that provides the same complexion perfecting superpowers as the concealer, with an added boost of skin smoothing, oil free hydration. It is meant to give buildable, longwearing coverage in a skin smoothing, weightless gel. It has a collagen and hyaluronic acid packed formula that will continously hydrate the skin while plumping and refining pores, all without creasing, caking or fading for 12 hours.

I tested this foundation with and without primer, and without setting spray, so I could see exactly how it performed. The foundation comes with a wand to apply the product with, just like the shape tape concealer, albeit larger. Unfortunately, the wand only disperses the smallest amount of product, so I felt like I was continuously dipping it back in to get enough to cover my entire face. I really hope they fix that in the future as I have heard several other people talk about this.

I apply the foundation directly to my skin from the wand, and then blend out with a beauty blender. Using a sponge, and going back over certain areas to add extra coverage, leaves me with a solid medium finish. I prefer medium finishes over full coverage, so this foundation already has my heart.

And the finish, guys! It looks incredibly skin like, gives my skin a glowy goddess finish, and doesn't cake up in my fine lines. As I have incredibly dry skin, I don't set this with powder, as I prefer to look like a dewy Glossier rep.

Here I am, pretending to be a Glossier model ;)

The only bad thing I can say about this foundation is where I have persistent, excessive dryness on my chin, this foundation can sometimes emphasise it. This isn't a big deal to me though, as most foundations do this to me.

The lasting power on my skin is incredible. It still looks just as amazing as it did in the morning, and is lightweight. It hasn't caked up or creased or broken up on my skin. What's more, when I wear this foundation several days in a row, I find my skin feels more hydrated and plump, even after I take it off! What is this sorcery?!


Overall, I would highly recommend this to my dry skinned beauties out there, if you are lucky to get a shade match. I can't stop using this, even when I have a LOT of other foundations sitting there to test out.

Kels x

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