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My Skin and Hair Routine Exposed

I should probably start by telling you about my skin type. I have freckly, sensitive, prone to breakout skin, which used to be quite oily but since switching to natural products leans toward the dry side. My hair is long (long long long), brunette and is fairly healthy but I still suffer from dryness on the ends.

In the morning in the shower, I simply splash my face with some water. I never cleanse as I find my face gets too dry doing it twice daily. I hop out and apply my Lily Loves Pearl Hyper Hydrate moisturiser and most days, John Masters SPF30 sunscreen. On the rest of my body I rub Moogoo full cream moisturiser. I’m excited because I have recently discovered this and it has been the only moisturiser able to get rid of my keratosis pilaris completely! I use Harmonis Kiss deodorant on days when I am home, but I’m still not confident enough to use it going into town or at work, so I still use a toxic supermarket brand.

For makeup, I keep it simple. I use Bare Escentuals powder (not totally clean, I’m aware), Physicians Formula Mascara and a cheap eyeliner I picked up from a cosmetics store.

I usually wash my hair of a night time and sleep on it slightly damp, so it isn’t as frizzy and unmanageable the next day. I’ve found when I wash it in the morning it frizzes up and becomes knotty and unruly. I have to confess, I am still using a toxic conditioner. I’ve found it really hard to find an affordable toxic-free one that moisturises as well as this one. I also use Thursday Plantation’s shampoo but it seems they have had a recent reformulation and some of the ingredients now look suspect. So I fail. Anyone have some suggestions? I use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner for the ends of my hair, and sometimes as a mask.

Of a night, I use Kora’s foaming cleanser; the skincare brand of the famous Miranda Kerr, and it does a great job removing every last trace of makeup, sunscreen and pollutants on my face at the end of the day. When I have time, I apply a manuka honey mask to my face and relax. This has really helped with the dryness and has reduced my acne by 50%. I massage a few drops of Trilogy’s rosehip oil into my face, concentrating on the areas that are scarred and dry such as my chin, temples and forehead. I then rub my Lily Loves Pearl Hyper Hydrate moisturiser in.

Tada! xx

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