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What to do when a product sucks (how to reuse half-empty bottles you have sitting around)

Maybe you impulse bought something and it's still sitting there, useless, or you brought something that you just didn't like. Do you feel too guilty to just throw it out? You can reuse products in different ways so you don't have to feel bad about making a bad purchase. Here are a few of my tips for reusing:
1. Is it used? Brand new products can be gifted to family and friends, and half-used products can be given away too.
2. Unwanted moisturiser could be used as a body wash or something to shave your legs with
3. You can shave your legs with body gel, shampoo, conditioner or leftover cleanser
4. Got a face scrub that your face doesn't agree with? Use it as an effective gentle body scrub!
5. Facial moisturisers and oils can be reused as a body moisturiser
6. Shampoo, cleanser and body wash can be used as a hand wash
7. Perfume can be used as a room freshener
8. Toners can be used to hydrate face masks, or freshen bed linen.

Hope these tips help! I personally have so many products lurking around that I don't use, and I know many beauty junkies do too!



  1. Haha! Story of my life, but I always end up using all the products til I empty out so I'm pretty proud of that! ;). Nice tips!! I do the same with facial moisturizers that do not work and sometimes I use it on my neck and decolletage too as they are less reluctant to acne and irritations (in my case!). Agree with the other points.

    1. Oh really? My neck is WAY more sensitive than my face, and I always end up neglecting it because so many things irritate it.