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DIY Raspberry Honey Mask

I came up with this super easy DIY face mask the other day when I was stuck with 2+ kilos of rapidly over-ripening raspberries leftover from the massive amount that I had picked at a local berry place. I understand that fresh raspberries can be expensive if you don't have them growing locally, but you could just as easily defrost some frozen ones, for an inexpensive option. Honey should be raw or manuka, as it retains the beneficial properties that processed honey has lost. If you love the idea of organic and natural masks but don't have the money to splurge, I suggest you give a DIY treatment like this one a go. Some of the benefits of using simple, effective ingredients such as honey and raspberries are outlined below.

Skin benefits of raspberries:
  • High in antioxidants to combat ageing and improve skin elasticity and boost collagen
  • High in Vitamin C to naturally brighten skin, and improve acne
  • Helps control oil production and balance skin
Skin benefits of honey:
  • Natural humectant (draws moisture into the skin) for optimal hydration
  • Naturally antibacterial, so good for acne treatment/prevention
  • Healing for acne, rosacea, ezcema


Handful of raspberries
Teaspoon of honey
Water, to adjust texture

I just placed the raspberries and honey in a bowl and then just mashed them together thoroughly. You could always blend and strain the raspberries to remove the seeds, if you are that way inclined, but I just thought it was much easier to put up with seeds sliding down my face. If you find the mixture a bit too thick, add a bit of water slowly until you reach the right texture.

Apply the mixture to your face and leave for as long as you like (or as long as you have time for!), then rinse with water.

Haha enjoy this very attractive picture of me wearing the mask!

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