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Review: Yuli Cocoon Elixir

I have been in the natural skincare game for two years now, and up until recently I regarded toners as an unnecessary step in skincare. I thought they were a placebo, something that you put on the skin that has a lovely scent but essentially does nothing for the skin. My limited experience with toners involved dried out skin (due to the alcohol), and flared acne and rosacea (due to irritating ingredients). I was hesitant to enter the toner game again, but after hearing all the hype about the Yuli Elixirs (and Yuli in general!), I had to try one out. I contacted Yuli and told them about my main skin issues, and they advised that I try the Cocoon Elixir based on my skin type. I have very reactive acne-prone skin that hates anything potentially irritating (read: alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, coconut, etc), but is also very dry at the same time.

I have been testing the Yuli Cocoon Elixir for approximately three months now. I use it in the mornings, and occasionally during the day if I feel like my face needs a freshen up. Over the time I have been testing it, I can't say my skin has magically transformed, my acne has lessened, or my pores have vanished. The results I have experienced have been subtle, but enough for me to decide that I never want to forego a toner mist again.

I have experienced:
  • A slight improvement in my skin's texture, and reduced appearance of enlarged pores
  • A glowing appearance (my skin doesn't appear as dull)
  • A more hydrated and happy forehead (which means that my dehydration lines aren't quite as visible- YAY!)
  • An easier application of face oils and serums (seriously guys, a toner mist is essential for the perfect slip of oils on your face, as I have discovered)

The Yuli Cocoon Elixir is an alcohol-free, 100% natural facial mist which is suitable for the most sensitive skin. I was excited about Calendula being the second highest ingredient listed, as my skin adores it for calming any inflammation. It also contains anti-irritants aloe vera, glycerine and chamomile, and colloidal silver acts as an anti-bacterial. I found this toner calming as advertised, and as a result, my acne or rosacea did not flare up.

The Ingredients of the Cocoon Elixir: D-Aloe Barbadensis, C. officinalis (Calendula) hydrolat*, R. officinalis (Rosemary) hydrolat*,L. angustifolia (lavender) hydrolat*, M. recutita (Chamomile) hydrolat*, B. carterii(Frankincense) hydrolat^^, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, MSM, R. damascena (Rose) flower petal powder*,M. emarginata (Acerola) extract, colloidal silver * Organic ^^ Wildcrafted

I believe that a toner is a great investment for great skin. They provide skin with an extra boost of antioxidants, facilitate the application of face oils, and help hydrate and extinguish inflammation. It is important to not expect miracles, but it may be that extra step towards helping you gain the happy, hydrated, glowing skin you have always wished for.

Price: $36 for 50 ml at Yuli's website

Have you tried this toner, or any of Yuli's products? Do you believe in the importance of using a toner? Let me know in the comments!

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