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Review: Lily Loves Pearl Replenishing Body Oil

I tell you, I don't think there is anything that Lily Loves Pearl can't nail. From my holy-grail moisturiser (you have to try this one!), to their gentle but effective cleanser, to this body oil, I am in certified organic product heaven!
A few months ago now I started really getting into the use of oil as a body moisturiser. For those of you interested, oil can completely replace your body moisturisers, and is a budget-friendly option too. My secret for easy application is to apply straight after showering, before you have towelled off. Applying oil to wet skin allows it to spread much more easily then if your skin were dry, which means you use less oil. It also apparently increases the absorption rate of the oil, meaning your skin is left better hydrated.
Lily Loves Pearl's Body Oil is a delightful certified organic concoction that carries the light scent of mandarin.  I love to use it in the morning as the citrusy scent is very uplifting and is a great pick-me-up.
Let's see what else is inside this delicious product (you will notice that every single ingredient is certified organic):

Ingredients: Certified Organic Sunflower oil, Certified Organic Rosehip Seed oil, Certified Organic Jojoba oil, Certified Organic Mandarin Essential oil, Certified Organic Avocado oil, Certified Organic Lavender Essential oil, Certified Organic Cedarwood Essential oil, Certified Organic Calendula Essential oil, Certified Organic Chamomile Essential oil, Love.
This body oil is lightweight but leaves my skin comfortably hydrated, and not needing anything extra. It comes in a cute brown mist bottle, and sprays the oil out, which makes it easy to use. I use three sprays (pumps) for both of my legs, two for both of my arms, and three for my chest/stomach area. I don't use it on my face, but it contains beautiful ingredients that would be safe anywhere.
I am just verging on my first empty bottle of this, and you bet it will be on my repurchase list!

The Replenishing Body Oil retails for $42 for 100ml. Buy it here.

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