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March Empties 2015

I haven't posted an empties post for quite a while, so here you go!

100% Pure Vitamin A and CoQ10 Wrinkle Smoothing Cream
This product was originally my Mum's, but it got passed onto me as she felt it was causing her to breakout. I explained that sometimes products with Vitamin A can cause an initial breakout, but she wasn't keen to continue. I used this product on my d├ęcolletage and it felt so smooth and silky on my skin.
 The Little Alchemist Ultra C Radiance Serum & Cacao and Banana Face Glow Mask
I love both these products so much. I have previously reviewed both these products here.
 Moogoo Fluffy Shea Butter
I have previously reviewed this here. This super thick butter lasted sooo long, and did a great job of hydrating my heels and dry spots. Moogoo have since reformulated this and the newest version looks ever better! 
Lily Loves Pearl Gel Cleanser
This is my go-to daily cleanser, and one that I have been using to several years now. I have lost track of how many bottles I have gone through now. You can check out my review here
Yuli Pure Mask
This mask leaves my skin feeling smooth, but it can leave it feeling stripped if I don't use it with honey. I also didn't find that it made any obvious difference to my acne, which is a shame, but it left my skin looking healthy. I have generally been staying away from clay masks lately as I find that they can flare my acne up. I urge anyone lusting over this product to try it though, as everyone's skin is unique.
Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Butter
I am having a love affair with deep steep products, for their affordability and their ability to hydrate my skin deeply. I quite enjoyed this scent, but I think I will stick with my favourite scent Brown Sugar and Vanilla.


  1. Hi Kels!

    Your post reminded me of my The Little Alchemist stash that I really need to start using it, including the banana face mask! It's interesting how both our experiences with Yuli's Pure Mask are quite similar - I like how gentle it is, and quite nonabrasive, but at the end of the day, I saw no changes to my acne or skin texture. I've started avoiding clay face masks when I have a lot of active acne, because like you, I have started feeling that the abrasion just aggravates the skin condition. What a lovely post! xx Ruhi

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ruhi! I have found that I can only use clay masks when my skin is clear, as clay seems to dry out and flare up my skin, despite how many people swear by using clay to clear up their skin. Here's to listening to our own skin! Xxx