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Review: Hello Hair Hydrating Mask

I am a big fan of popping in a deeply hydrating mask when I have just spent the day at the beach, or when my hair feels that it is lacking in moisture and shine. Since I converted to natural products, I have found it hard to find a totally natural hair treatment mask that works! For over two years, I relied on pure coconut oil to hydrate my thirsty locks, but it always felt like it was 'missing' something.

Nearly five months ago now, I made a snap decision to purchase Hello Hair's Hydrating Mask.

Hello Hair is a 100% natural, vegan, Australian-made hair oil treatment. It comes in a cute squeeze pouch (as pictured above), which makes it easy to transport while travelling.

Hello Hair contains coconut oil; an ingredient that is still coveted by the natural health community for it's multitude of benefits. Some benefits of using coconut oil topically for hair include the creation of shiny hair, softness, and the prevention of split ends and hair breakage. Hello Hair also contains almond oil, which is high in vitamin E, which promotes healthy hair growth, and magnesium, which prevents hair fall. Argan and olive oil are also ingredients which help smooth the hair cuticle and reduce static, while improving the overall health of your hair and scalp. Castor oil is high in omega 9 fatty acids, which help prevent the drying of hair, and speeds up hair growth. Finally, Hello Hair also contains olive leaf extract which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and helps improve scalp conditions such as flaky skin and dandruff.

Because I live in a cold climate, Hello Hair is a solid consistency apart from the rare really hot day in summer, when it is a liquid. To apply, I would squeeze some solid product out and warm in between my hands (it melts immediately upon skin contact), before massaging into my dry, in-need-of-washing, hair. I would concentrate on my ends as they are the driest, but also make sure my scalp was covered as I found it to help with any dandruff issues. I found that for me; someone with hair halfway down their back, a packet lasted five full treatments despite me also using a tiny bit regularly as a leave-in treatment for my ends.

I leave this treatment in for as long as I can, preferably a few hours (Hello Hair recommend at least 30 minutes), then head to the shower and shampoo twice from root to tip before conditioning as per usual. Oilier types may find that they don't need to condition.

As for results, I have found that my hair is a lot thicker than before I started using it, and it has grown quicker than usual. After each treatment my hair feels really soft and I can't stop running my fingers through it! I would really recommend Hello Hair to anyone looking for an extra hydrating 'boost' for their hair.

Hello Hair retails for 15 dollars for 100grams. You can purchase here.

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