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Review: Elaa Skincare Sample Pack

Hey guys! Sorry for the long break between posts! Today I am featuring a brand that I have been curious about for years, but only recently had the opportunity to try; ELAA SKINCARE. I ordered a customised sample pack from Elaa Skincare and have been using it for over three weeks. I am so in love with the quality and formulation of Elaa's products, and wanted to post a mini review on the goodies I bought.

I also ordered the Clarity Anti-Acne Skin Rejuvenating Elixir Oil, Probiotic Deodorant, Gingko Hibiscus Pomegranate Skin Lifting Mist, and Pumpkin Radiance Mask, but these products will each have their own detailed review in the near future!

The Elaa Skincare Sample Pack allows you to try 8 products for $59. I will list below the products I chose and my thoughts so far while using them!

  1. Effervescent Facial Cleanser- This cleanser is a creamy consistency, and I find it is great for removing my daily makeup. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean, and balanced instead of stripped. 
  2. Moonlight Mist Soothing and Romantic Facial Toner- I only had enough product to try this toner a few times, but it smelt amazing and left my skin hydrated and perfectly prepped for my facial oil.
  3. Dawn- Skin Brightening Dew- I have not used it long enough to tell of its long term lightening effects, but whenever I use this I find my skin glows! It smells incredible, and is of a light serum consistency which absorbs into the skin really well.
  4. Bee Beauty Facial Oil- I have actually yet to use this as I have been trying the Clarity Anti-Acne Elixir Oil, but I am so excited to try it out, due to the amazing ingredients it includes.
  5. Starlight Eye Nectar- This is the perfect eye serum for daytime under makeup. It is so light and absorbs quickly, leaving no shiny residue, and is the perfect base for eye makeup/concealer. I have noticed a subtle difference in the fine lines underneath my eyes.
  6. Clarity Nectar Blemish Spot Treatment- I have been using this twice a day after application of my facial oil, but also, during the day as I remember. I apply to the bumps/active acne on my chin and jawline, and have found that it has helped speed up the healing of any scabbing/active acne, while hydrating my skin.
  7. Double Mint Probiotic Toothpaste- This toothpaste is so unlike conventional toothpastes in that it is dark green/brown in colour and contains amazing natural ingredients to whiten and heal your teeth and gums. I felt my teeth felt so clean, and it removed any traces of plague, that I found my regular toothpaste would leave behind. It also appeared to whiten my teeth!
  8. Chocolate Rose Plum Skin Restoring Body Oil- This body oil comes in many different scents, but I chose this one, as I love the smell of chocolate. It is rich and hydrating, and I found it really healing to my skin. The scent is a rich, almost chocolate liquor, with the sweet scents of rose and the subtleness of plum.
Elaa Skincare is one of the best skincare brands I have come across in my long journey towards living completely clean beauty, and I will soon be placing another order for full-size products. I recommend Elaa highly to all skin types, as you can easily customise a routine perfect for your skin type. The founder, Jill, is lovely and extremely helpful in answering any questions you might have about what products would suit your skin.

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