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Review: No Pong Deodorant

I have been testing a deodorant for over two months now, and I have to say, it may just be the most effective deodorant I have tried yet!

{I contacted No Pong a while back and they were lovely enough to send me some deodorant to try out, and review for you guys. Note: all reviews are honest and unbiased, regardless of if I brought the product myself/ received for review}

No Pong are an Australian made and owned deodorant company founded by Melanie and Chris. Melanie and Chris created No Pong as they lead an active, healthy outdoors lifestyle, and like normal people; SWEAT! They didn't want to use conventional deodorants filled with toxic ingredients, but still needed an effective deodorant, and hence No Pong was born.

No Pong comes as a solid product in a metal tin. It is paraben free, aluminium free, and in fact is so clean ingredient-wise that it is edible (although I wouldn't advise that!). It contains organic coconut oil, baking soda, cornflour, beeswax and essential oils. To use, I scoop about a pea size of product, and then rub into each armpit like you would a lotion. 

No Pong, is a deodorant, not a antiperspirant, as it contains no aluminium to block your sweat glands, however I have noticed that I sweat less using this as compared to other deodorant brands. This may be due to the combination of beeswax, coconut oil and cornstarch that No Pong claim 'creates an invisible layer of protection'. This is also the first natural deodorant that I have felt I could trust to go from morning to night without reapplying. I actually still smell fresh, which is amazing for me (I am the biggest sweater). Baking Soda is the ingredient responsible for preventing odour, as it creates a pH environment that odour causing bacteria can't live in. Thankyou, baking soda! 

Each tin of deodorant lasts for approximately one month, which is plenty of time for you to try it out and see how it performs, although, I can guarantee- you will be back for more! One of the things I love most about this deodorant is the affordability. One tin costs only $5.95, plus $2 shipping for anywhere in Australia (they also have great worldwide rates for my International friends!). Or, you can join their deodorant club and be sent a deodorant monthly for $7.00!
No Pong is a permanent staple for me now, due to the fact it's Aussie made, affordable and super effective! 
To buy, visit No Pong's website here.

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