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Review: 7skins Youth

I was recently approached by 7skins, a newly launched Australian skincare company, to test out and review products from their range. I delightfully accepted and you will find my honest review below with descriptions of the products I tried (and loved!). First, I thought I would tell you a little about 7skins.

7skins was created by Kaddie,  a mother, who after struggling with her own skin problems as a teenager, wanted a solution for her daughter as she too started experiencing breakouts. Often skincare products targeted at acne-prone skin are drying, harsh and full of chemicals, however 7skins was formulated to be pure, effective and simple, while only using 100% natural ingredients. One of the things I love most about 7skins is that they aim to target the cause of your problem skin, not just simply mask it, which is different from most acne brands. All the products in the range are affordably priced, and cruelty-free too! What more could you want?!

7skins Youth was created for those in the age bracket that most commonly suffer from skin related complaints such as acne, which is the teenage and young adult years. I fit (just!) into the young adult bracket at 22 years, however, if you are older, don't be dissuaded from trying these products. They are gentle and effective for skin of all ages, in my opinion.

I just had to start my review with this Fabulous Face Detox Tea. This product is one of the main reasons I am so captivated by this company. 7skins recognise that true treatment of problem skin is found by treating the internal cause, not just simply slathering on external products. This is something that I am deeply passionate about; I believe we should all be looking for the root cause of our problems, instead of covering them with a bandaid solution such as a skincare product or medication. This product cleanses you from the inside out. Toxin overload and hormone imbalances can overload the liver and kidneys, and end up being expelled through your skin instead, resulting in breakouts. This tea, drunk daily, will support your liver and cleanse your blood. Face Detox Tea is a 100% natural herbal blend containing burdock, dandelion root, liquorice, nettle leaf, St Mary's thistle, lemon peel, lemon verbena, red clover, calendula petals and rhubarb root. I really think this is the star product out of the whole range and recommend it highly if you are craving something to clear your acne, repair your acne scars more quickly, and give you radiant skin. It has a slight lemony taste, and is quite herbally-tasting, but I find it quite delicious.

The Fab Face Mist in Lavender is now a daily staple for me. It's ingredient list is simple; Lavender Hydrosol with grapefruit seed extract added for preservation purposes. 7skins offer several different hydrosols designed for different skin types, but I think lavender is perfect for me (dry and acne-prone). Lavender is a hero ingredient with so many amazing properties including the ability to balance dry and oily complexions, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, tones skin and maintains pH, reduces irritation, calms, and promotes cellular repair. I also found out it is amazing on sunburn as I accidently got too much sun a few days ago, and found that spraying this on it really helped calm and cool it down, and within a day, the redness was for the most part gone! I use this mist mostly after cleansing, before a facial oil, but I do love using it during the day if I feel dry or want a pick-me-up. I have to mention that the spray mist on this bottle is the best I have ever experienced with toners. It covers a large area and actually mists my face so, so finely, compared to other toners which spit huge droplets out that rapidly run down my face. I can see myself repurchasing this mist for the delivery method alone, haha!

The Fab Face Serum is a 15ml bottle filled with some of the most effective infection and acne fighting ingredients designed to purify, regenerate and restore your skin. My problem with most acne fighting products is they tackle the blemish by drying your skin out. This product is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but won't dry you out. In fact, it is hydrating enough for my dry skin! This serum consists of skin balancing carrier oils such as grapeseed, black cumin and watermelon seed, and contains healing essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, myrtle, patchouli, and geranium. I apply this oil over my whole face, just after I have misted with the lavender face mist. I find that it is hydrating enough on its own, so I don't worry about moisturiser. I feel like this really helped prevent acne appearing, and helped any spots heal much faster. The only thing that could be improved upon, in my opinion, is the bottle lid. It is a screw-on lid, which means that you have to carefully pour the right amount into your hand. In my opinion, it would be better with a dropper or a pump so you can regulate the amount you use easily (I am prone to pouring too much!).

The Zapping Zeolite Acne Mask is a simple Zeolite and French Green Clay Mask that packs a punch! It comes as a powder, so you can add your favourite liquid and mix to a paste. This is the mask you want to reach for if you are experiencing a nasty breakout. Zeolite and French Green Clay deeply cleanse skin, shrink enlarged pores, clear, remove and prevent breakouts, tighten skin, draw out toxins and impurities, and exfoliate skin, amongst other things. The result? Skin equilibrium is restored, and skin is clear and glowing. I only use this once a week, but those experiencing serious breakouts can use it even daily, or as a spot treatment, until their skin is calmed and breakouts are gone.

You can check out 7skins website here, and try their amazing range out!

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