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What I Took Camping vs What I Should Have Packed

I recently went camping for two nights, and as I unpacked my skincare from my trip, I had the thought of sharing what I took, and the few rookie mistakes I made. Enjoy!

I was very proud of my ability to only pack three skincare items. These three were skincare I was testing and loving at the time (I still am). The first product I packed was my Iluka Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser is so mild and provides the perfect cleanse without stripping. However, it leaked quite badly in my bag so I wished I had of packed a more travel friendly option. I also packed my 7skins face mist and bottle of carrot seed oil by Shea Terra. After I cleansed, I would spritz my mist and then apply my carrot seed face oil. This combo kept my face happy and hydrated, with a lovely glow!

The three step routine I took with me was easy, and quick (because who wants to spend lots of time washing their face when away?!) When I go camping next, however, I aim to make things a tad easier on myself. Because it was quite a hassle and inconvenient to use a cleanser that had to be washed off with water, I would take a pack of face wipes like these WOTNOT ones. I have previously used this brand when I was in hospital for a few days, and really recommend them if you are unable to use a traditional cleanser due to lack of water access or when physically unable. Of course, face wipes do not clean your skin as thoroughly as a liquid cleanser, but are a lifesaver for a few nights away.
I would also not bother packing a face oil and face mist, and make things easier on me by taking a face moisturiser, like this one by Earthwise Beauty. This moisturiser would be the perfect fit for morning and night, and would simplify my routine a great deal.
Finally, I would make sure to pack a great sunscreen, and make sure to use it! When you go camping you spend a great deal of time exposed to the elements; exploring and relaxing, and the last thing you want is a sunburn.

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