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Clinelle Skincare Comes To Priceline

One of the newest brands to hit Priceline shelves this April; Clinelle, is introducing their Hydra Calm range, which guarantees to lock in moisture for up to 72 hours.

Clinelle's Hydra Calm range aims to protect all layers of our skin against environmental exposure, which can lead to skin issues such as dry skin, fine lines and dull skin. Their products are free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, SD alcohol, and comedogenic ingredients, making them safe for all skin types. Their products are designed to give fast, yet effective results, and continuously care for, and protect all layers of our skin.

The Hydra Calm range contains 3 ways in which it hydrates and calms skin;
  • Natural Hyaluronic acid penetrates deeper into the skin to replenish and lock in moisture for 72 hours
  • Pure Swisse Thermal Spring Water - a hydra booster that instantly hydrates and revitalises skin, that is also maintained at a pH level of 5.5 (optimum skin health level)
  • Bio-calm couples that calm, restore, and strengthen our skin defence system

Clinelle is formulated and manufactured in Korea and France with natural ingredients that deliver a new level of efficacy and safety.

Clinelle's product line is also ridiculously affordable, with none of their products costing over $20!

Clinelle's Hydra Calm range includes everything from cleansers, moisturisers and even sleeping masks. Some of the products soon to be released are:

Hydra Calm Cleansing Gel
Deep cleansing/ Reduces excess sebum

This gentle foaming cleanser thoroughly removes makeup and grime from the day without stripping the natural moisture from the skin. My dry skin feels clean, but not over clean, and soft and refreshed.

Hydra Calm Lotion
Nourishes/Refines/ Plumps Skin

This toner like lotion is ultra light on the skin and absorbs quickly to leave skin hydrated, calm and happy. It leaves my skin plump and refined, and ready to receive a moisturising cream.

Hydra Calm Sleeping Mask
Optimum Hydration/ Rejuvenation

This unique formula transforms to water droplets when applied to your face; its so cool! To use, I slap a generous amount all over my face and neck before I head to bed, and wake with gorgeous, soft, hydrated skin. It is uber hydrating but so light and refreshing, instead of heavy and oily.


Clinelle is available for purchase at Priceline from April 2017.

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