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Review: Designer Brands' New Releases

Designer Brands is a brand that has only just jumped onto my radar, but the products I have tried so far have been so amazing that I can't put them down! I recently got my hands on a few of their new releases and now that I have been using them a while I wanted to share my thoughts while they are still available.

Designer Brands is an amazing Australian beauty brand that is known for providing beauty lovers with the chance to try designer quality makeup and beauty at extremely affordable prices. All products are cruelty free, and most are Vegan certified (with synthetics beeswax and lanolin used, and all non vegan products being reformulated as quickly as possible!)

Firstly, I wanted to talk about the new 10 Piece Premium Brush Kit that was recently released. This brush kit contains 10 beautiful vegan and cruelty free brushes that are super soft and fluffy. They are luxurious in appearance with long handles and gold ferules, and completed with the rose gold brush roll which is perfect for storing them in. These brushes are perfect for anyone; from beginners to makeup experts. The ten piece set contains a fan brush, foundation/buffing brush, powder brush, eye shadow blending brush, eye shadow crease brush, eye shadow brush, angled contour brush, liner brush, lip brush and dual ended brow brush. Everything you need for a full look!

As well as the brush kit, Designer brands have released some new beauty tools to help you create a flawless base.

The Be Blended beauty sponges are soft and squishy and perfect for applying cream and liquid products. The Bubblegum Sponge has a round base for large surfaces and a tapered tip for detail work, while the Mint Sponge has a round base and a flat edge for building coverage. Both sponges are great quality and have quickly become some of my favourite sponges for applying and blending my foundation and concealer, and liquid and cream contour.

The All In 1 Perfecting Brush is a brush that has been designed to be multipurpose and useful for almost everything! Use with powder/liquid foundations, to blend out concealer, to apply bronzer/contour, to apply blush, or even to apply highlighter. My favourite use for this brush is to contour as the shape really allows me to carve out my cheekbones perfectly. I also love it for applying blush. It is super soft and I think will be my makeup weapon of choice when travelling as I can use it for everything.

The Make Em Jelly Sili Sponge is a nod to the huge makeup trend that surfaced recently. It is a sponge entirely made of silicone that can be used to apply liquid and cream products. Due to the nature of silicone, the sponge does not absorb any product, so no makeup is wasted. I like to use this to spread out my foundation and concealer, and then I go in with a regular beauty sponge to create a flawless finish.

Designer Brands have also released some gorgeous eyeshadow and base palettes this holiday season!

The Like A Diamond Eyeshadow Palette contains 12 super pigmented shimmer and matte eyeshadows shades, as well as an kohl eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow brush. The packaging is gorgeous, and has a golden glitter design; very appropriate for the holiday season! The shades are super wearable, soft, creamy and easy to blend. I can't believe this palette is only $18! This would make the perfect Christmas gift!

The Almost Famous Contour and Highlight Palette contains everything you need to ace your base! It contains two shimmer highlight shades, one yellow brightening powder, four bronze shades, and one contour shade. This palette is designed for someone with a light to medium skintone, as the shades wouldn't flatter someone with a really deep skintone. The powders are soft, buildable, and easy to blend. The bronzer shades add a gorgeous warmth to the skin, the contour shade is perfect for my pale skin, and the yellow powder is perfect for brightening under my eyes. And the shimmer shades are so so pigmented and beautiful! They add a pretty shine to the high points of my face that resembles some of my higher end highlighters! If I could change one thing about this palette I would remove one of the bronzers and add a pale matte highlighting shade instead, but overall I am super impressed.


Designer Brands has won its way into my heart with their affordable prices, gorgeous packaging and amazing quality formulas. I have to try more of their range! Next on my list is their highlighting palette, more of their eyeshadows, and their new eyebrow pencil!

Have you tried Designer Brands?

*Products provided for consideration.

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