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Review + Swatches: Colourpop No Filter Concealer

Being a concealer junkie, I couldn't resist picking up a few shades of Colourpop's new No Filter Concealer shortly after it launched. Retailing at only $6 USD, does this concealer perform as well as my other well loved drugstore and high end concealers? Keep reading to find out ;)

Colourpop's No Filter concealer is described as a creamy, lightweight formula with blurring pigments to give you a creaseproof, matte finish, with no filter needed. It is available in 15 shades and each concealer contains 4g (0.14 oz).

The concealers come in a tube with a unique flat doe foot applicator which is flexible, and allows you to apply concealer with ease to any area. The formula is fragrance and alcohol free, which I am so happy about, as I try to avoid these irritants in my products if possible!

I picked up the two lightest shades, because I am generally the lightest shade in all brands of concealer. The swatches I found online of the lightest shade; 5, looked quite light so I grabbed shade 10 as well to be on the safe side. Luckily, I can get away with both shades on my super fair skin! I have to say though, these oxidise from how they look when you first swipe them on your skin. They oxidise so quickly (almost immediately) that I was unable to get a photo showing the shade change, so keep in mind that the swatches shown are the concealers after they oxidise. This isn't a big deal to me though as the colour that they oxidise to (about a shade darker than when first put on the skin) still matches my skin.

colourpop no filter cocnealer fair swatches review

I have been testing the concealer out under my eyes and to spot conceal, which is how I typically use a concealer on a daily basis. And, I have to say, this concealer has a formula unlike any other I have tried! If I had to compare it, I would say that if Tarte Shape Tape and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer had a baby, this would be it. It has a satin matte, incredibly skin like finish on the skin, and blends like an absolute dream. I find if I push this into the skin well with my beauty blender, it is so resistant to creasing all day long, and a powder is not needed to set it. The fact that it doesn't need to be set as it basically sets itself is a huge plus for this gal with her super dry skin.

As for coverage, I would say that it gives a medium/full coverage, and lasts well on the skin all day long. I find that it can start to look a tiny bit patchy on my super dry spots around my chin towards the end of the day, but that is nothing compared to Shape Tape, which is unwearable (except under my eyes) on my dry skin. If you don't have any issues with Shape Tape causing dryness on your skin, I daresay these concealers will work well on your skin.

I am absolutely in love with this concealer for its price point and its performance. I prefer it over my shape tape, as it is better suited to my skin type!

I would definitely recommend picking up one or more of these concealers to try out. I personally would repurchase and want to pick up a shade to contour with!

You can purchase these concealers from Colourpop's website, here.

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