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Hits And Misses From Rimmel's Latest Releases

Rimmel is a drugstore brand I have loved for years, and I'm excited to see them releasing a lot of products lately. However, as we all know, not every single product that a brand puts out will be a winner for every single person, as that is impossible! I wanted to share my hits and misses from the products I have tried recently from the brand, so keep on reading if you are interested to know what I thought!

To start on a positive note, lets run through the 'hits'; that is, the products I have been loving from the brand.

Wonderwing Liner
I was instantly curious about this liner when I read that it could help you create a 'wing', as I can't do winged liner to save my life. This eyeliner has a unique applicator, whereby you can use the tip of the pen to line your eyelid, and then turn the liner on its side and press the stamp applicator onto the outer corner of the eye, creating a wing that is symmetrical on both eyes. I found this super easy to use, and because of this liner I have been sporting a decent wing for once! I love the liner also just for lining my lids, and find that it is super black and really lasts all day without smudging. I will definitely repurchase when I run out!

Wonder'fully Real Mascara with Keratin
Just for some background info: I love a good wet mascara that allows a lot of product onto the wand. I also love plastic bristled brushes. This mascara ticks all of these boxes and almost takes it too far. It disperses so much product that I can see how this could easily become a horrible clumpy mess for some people, if they don't take care when applying. However, when I wipe the mascara wand on the tube a few times before applying, and go in gently, this makes my lashes look amazing! I get massive volume and length, and it lasts all day with minimal smudging. Would I repurchase? Definitely, yes!

Magnif'Eyes Eye Contouring Palette
I was lucky enough to receive all four of the new Magnif'Eyes Palettes to try out, but I definitely felt the most drawn to the Blush and Colour, as they were the most unique to my eyeshadow collection. I was super surprised at how good the quality of these palettes is. I haven't had the best experience with drugstore eyeshadow palettes, and have yet to find one that isn't underwhelming pigmentation and performance wise. But guys? These are great! They are pigmented, soft and blend easily. They also have good lasting power on the lids. If you are looking for a great drugstore eyeshadow palette option, I would definitely check out these guys. They would also be the perfect stocking filler for a loved one! 

Lasting Finish 25H Breathable Concealer
I received the lightest shade in this, and I'm excited to say that this shade is light enough for my pale skin! This concealer contains a cushion applicator, which I do not like as it is hard and seems to absorb the concealer I swipe on, leaving me with minimal, streaky coverage on my skin! I prefer to use swipe this on my skin with my finger, and used this way, this concealer is a great, medium coverage, natural looking option. I prefer to use this concealer as a brightener underneath my eyes, and use a higher coverage concealer to cover my blemishes. It feels light on the skin and lasts quite well on my dry skin. Would I repurchase? Probably, I have a lot of concealers to use up in my stash first!

... And onto the 'miss' from Rimmel's new releases.

Lasting Finish 25H Breathable Foundation
I found that the lightest shade of this foundation was the perfect match for my pale skin, and when I initially applied this foundation, it was undetectable on my skin, giving me a flawless, medium coverage, natural finish that I loved. The ultra runny formula worried me as I generally prefer a thicker foundation, as they are kinder on my super dry skin. But I couldn't deny that it looked perfect on my skin, and I was convinced that I had found a new fave. It felt super lightweight, and my other makeup applied well on top of it.
However, as the day went on, my skin just felt drier and drier, the foundation had started to settle into every single line and pore into my face, and it had started to break up on my face. :(
Towards the end of the afternoon, I couldn't wait til I was able to wash my face and remove my makeup, as the foundation had made my skin feel unbearably dry and like I was wearing paint that had dried and cracked! I tried this foundation a few more times with different bases, and just couldn't get it to work for me.
I have read so many rave reviews from people that have oily/normal skin types on this foundation, so I wouldn't say that this foundation is a bad one. I just don't think it is suited to my skin type. If you have super dry skin like I do, I would recommend skipping this one, and perhaps trying Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation instead.

Swatches; Top: Concealer in shade Light Ivory, Bottom: Foundation in Light Porcelain


I hope this review was helpful to you and will help you out when you next head to the shops!


*Products sent for consideration.

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  1. Well I’m definately going to try the eyeliner and as we have similar skin type I’ll stay away from the foundation .. the full coverage also left my face feeling like I had to get it off fast.