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Review: Colourpop No Filter Foundation

As a big fan of Colourpop products, I couldn't resist snatching up the new Colourpop No Filter Foundation as soon as it launched on their website. I have been testing out this affordable foundation for the past week or so, and gathering my thoughts on it. Is it dry skin approved? Keep on reading.

Colourpop claims: oil free, buildable full coverage foundation formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a natural matte finish. No filter needed.

The No Filter Foundation comes in a clear glass bottle, with a lockable pump, which makes it ideal for travel. It contains 25 ml, which is less than the usual standard foundation fluid amount (30ml), which I appreciate as I rarely finish a foundation before it expires (I have a large collection). The formula is cruelty free and vegan, and free from alcohol and fragrance. It retails for $12USD from Colourpop's website.

I picked up shade Fair 20, which is described as cool with light pink undertones for fair skin tones, and it is the perfect shade match for my skin!

This foundation has a thin, runny formula, but packs decent coverage, even with a makeup sponge, which is my preferred method of application. I find a sponge is the best way to apply this foundation, as it helps it blend much more naturally into the skin than a brush or fingers. I generally go in with two or three pumps of foundation, and find that gives me a solid medium coverage (you could get more coverage with brush application).

As someone with extremely dry skin, I was worried about the claim of this foundation being matte. On its own, it is too drying a formula for my skin. Saying that, it doesn't feeling drying on my skin, it just looks it. It emphasises dry patches, and sinks into any fine lines. However, I have been adding a few drops of oil into it before I apply, and I have really been enjoying the way it looks on my skin (sound similar to my Shameless foundation review?)

With the oil added into it, I find that the finish is beautiful on my skin. It gives a satin matte finish, and looks fairly flawless on my skin. It definitely isn't the longest lasting foundation, breaking down on my skin after around 5 hours, but for the price and how easily I can touch it up, I don't mind. I should also mention that I don't set my skin (dry skin issues), so it may last longer if you do.

So overall, I quite enjoy this foundation. It looks nice on my skin, is affordable and has cute packaging. However, it isn't a favourite in my collection, and I would hesitate to recommend it to dry skinned folks unless they wanted to do some prep work.
(I don't believe that you should need to alter a foundation in anyway to make it work for your skin, but I can't deny how pretty this makes my skin look with a little bit of (oil) help.)
And as for those with oily skin, this may work better on your skin, however I'm concerned that its shorter staying power may be an issue for those with excessive oils breaking through.

I hope this review helps you decide if the Colourpop Foundation would work for you!

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