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Products I have been loving lately (June 2018 ed.)

The last few months I have been lucky enough to be sent some amazing PR packages containing products that I have just fallen in love with. I wanted to share some of my favourite products that I have thoroughly tested in the past three months and can't get enough of. Also, they are basically all available at the Drugstore/ Chemist! Enjoy.


This is the first product I have tried from Jergens, and now I want to try more! I am a big fan of gradual tanners as they add a touch of sun kissed glow to my pale skin, without the commitment of a fake tan. This gradual tanner is a great one for adding natural colour; it builds evenly over the days, and fades evenly.

This scrub is a great product to use before applying fake tan to ensure all dead skin cells are removed and your skin is prepped. I also just like to use this as a body scrub even when I'm not going to apply fake tan. It contains granules you can feel to give a really good exfoliation. I really like the look of the packaging as well.

I love that my all time fave fake tan product is so affordable! This is perfect for pale gals and guys that want a fake tan that won't leave them looking orange. This gives me the perfect, golden tan, that actually looks natural. I love that Le Tan have created tan with different undertones in mind! This gives me a dark tan that wears for about a week, and fades evenly. Can't get enough of this one!


This is a great gentle cleansing water that removes light makeup with ease. I find some micellar waters dry out, or irritate my skin, but that isn't the case with this one! I have a lot of micellar waters to go through in my collection, but I would consider purchasing this one again in the future.

This is such a great moisturiser for dry and dehydrated skin, and provides a great base for makeup. It leaves my skin looking plump and hydrated, and with a slightly illuminated appearance that is really pretty. I will definitely buy this when I run out!

I had previously only tried makeup from Genie, so I was excited to have this skincare beauty in my paws! This face scrub works in three ways to give you beautiful skin; it includes pearl powder and bromelain to exfoliate, it contains a peptide complex that boosts collagen production, and provides a warming sensation to increase penetration of ingredients, with a cooling sensation as it is washed off.  I love how smooth and clean my skin feels after using this. I also enjoy how this exfoliates without irritating my skin! I have just finished my tube, and need to pick up another!

Designed with wrinkles in mind, my eyes lit up when I saw the ingredients in this and immediately thought it would be great for my dry and dehydrated skin. Well, I wasn't wrong! With a formula that has sensitive skin in mind, and two types of Hyaluronic Acid, my skin feels plumped, hydrated and comfortable (I get super tight dry skin). Avene is one of the more expensive brands available at Priceline, but I highly recommend everything I have tried from them. They are honestly one of the best brands I have tried for sensitive and dry skin. 

As soon as I saw that this had SPF30, I couldn't wait to get it on my face. This BB cream is heaven. It gives the lightest tint to the skin (very sheer), but I use it for its SPF protection and hydration properties. It leaves my skin looking dewy and healthy, and doesn't irritate it (it is fragrance free, alcohol free and suited to sensitive skin). Will definitely be repurchasing.


These come as a pack of three for $29, which is on the expensive side, but boy, are they amazing! You look funny when wearing them, but so worth it. I apply to my dry hair (they recommend wet), and leave for as long as I have time for, and then shampoo and condition my hair as per usual, and I love how soft and smooth they make my hair feel! Need to pick up more ASAP.

So...? is a brand that i can recognise from back in my teenage years (they have been around forever!). Their new fragrance is a fruity floral scent with top notes of bergamot, mandarin and pear, middle notes of orange blossom, lilly of the valley, peony, and base notes of cashmere wood, musk, and sandalwood. It is a really feminine scent that lasts a long while on my skin. It is also available in a body fragrance and fragrance mist, and is really affordable, at $9.95.

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