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Review: Dermavive Acne and Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar

I am always up for trying new ways to cleanse my skin, so when a solid bar cleanser from Dermavive came across my desk, I was super excited to try it! Dermavive is an Australian brand that creates products that are easy to use, and effective while being gentle on the skin. Their products hero colloidal oatmeal; an amazing skin soother, and are pH balanced.

The Acne and Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar is a solid soap free bar that is designed for cleansing the skin without irritating or stripping the skin barrier. It is gentle, pH balanced and contains ingredients such as Oatmeal to calm inflammation and itching. For those with dry skin, rest assured as this cleanser contains Sodium PCA to hydrate, and vitamin E to provide an antioxidant boost!

At first, I was unsure that a solid bar cleanser could be gentle on my skin. I mean, all of the information I have seen online recommends stepping away from the soap bars lest you dry all the moisture out of your skin. However, this isn't your regular bar of soap; it actually doesn't contain any soap! What it is is basically a gentle face cleanser in a solid format (how travel friendly!)

What I love most about this bar is that it isn't just a gentle cleanser, it also fights acne! It prevents mild to moderate acne from forming through ingredients such as saponins, which prevent pore clogging, and salicylic acid, which effectively clears skin through its keratolytic action.

I have been using this product of a night time (it can be used in the morning also!), applying directly to wet skin, massaging in, and then rinsing clean. I love how soft and clean my skin feels afterwards, without being stripped of its moisture. I have also seen a decrease in acne, which I am ecstatic about! It takes some getting used to, using a solid bar instead of a traditional liquid cleanser, but I am quite enjoying the change. As well as using it on your face, I recommend using it on your body in areas prone to acne as well (I have noticed a great difference on my back!)

Dermavive's Acne and Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar is not only an effective product, it is also an extremely affordable one!

You can purchase Dermavive's Acne and Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar from their website or from Amazon!

*Products kindly provided for consideration and sponsored post, however all opinions as always are honest and my own!

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