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My First Empties Post!

I have always been interested in empty product posts by other blogs, as it gives me insight as to whether someone loved a product so much they used it down to the last drop, or whether it became one of those products they hated and left hidden in a cupboard, only to be frustratingly used up when budgets became tight or purchase guilt took over. I guess it satisfies the curious side in me. So here goes, my three most recently squeezed-out skincare items.

1. Lily Loves Pearl Hyper Hydrate Moisturising Cream
I have waxed poetical about this cream here, but I have to emphasize that this is the only moisturiser that I have repurchased 5 times since discovering it. And will buy it as long as it is available. In fact, I even open up the empty pump bottle and scrape out any remaining traces of cream with a cotton bud. Yeah, it's THAT good.

2. Australian Organics Exfoliating Body Scrub
I don't know if this scrub is still available, as I brought it at a reject store for two dollars (!), which makes me sad as I loved the natural peppery smell this scrub left on your hands and body after using it. I never thought I could love the smell of pepper in skincare, and I adore any product that can change my opinion on scent.

3. Trilogy Rosehip Oil
This oil began my relationship with oils of all kinds. I use it under moisturiser on my face, or all over my body. Deliciously hydrating, with a finish that doesn't leave your skin oily feeling, just deeply moisturised. This is the third bottle I've finished. Expect an overdue review soon.

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