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Review: May Lindstrom Skin

artisanal. epicurean. euphoric concoctions for the beauty gourmand.
Formulated for results and unparalleled pleasure. Radical. Earth positive. Sublime luxury direct from the source. May Lindstrom Skin inspires you to take your self-care routine to a new zenith of delight and indulgence. As a catalyst for decadent skin-care rituals, we invite you to create the time and space for the personal connection you deserve.
Get into your skin. 
This review is long overdue, as I have been using May's products for over 7 weeks now, but I just kept hesitating as I went to publish as I wanted to make sure that these products received the full credit they deserve.
Cleanse/Exfoliate: The Clean Dirt

Thoughts: I fell in love with this product at first smell. How often is it that you can catch a glimpse of a product's scent and it brings back memories of Christmas? It smells like spice and cinnamon cookies! Is it okay to admit that I find myself opening this during the day just to smell the sweet cinnamon and ginger aroma? I have been using this twice weekly as an exfoliant after I cleanse, and occasionally leave it on a bit longer as a mask. I have always had a one-sided love affair with exfoliant products: I love the gritty clean feeling you get from using them but my acne-prone skin is left totally irritated. Not with this product. My skin feels so happy, and is left softer and glowing more than I have ever felt or seen it. Since using this I have had no desire to use another exfoliant. As I was running low on my sample I brought the full-size so I wouldn't have to be without this product.

Hydrate: The Youth Dew

Thoughts: Evokes a natural radiance in your skin that you have never seen before. I use this facial oil after cleansing, massaging a few precious drops all over my face, and using an extra drop for my under-eye area. Sometimes I apply moisturiser over the top in areas that seem extra dry, but this is the first facial oil I have tried that seems enough weight on its own (a tip on applying: mist your face beforehand as the oil will spread nicely on damp skin).  For those without super-dry skin, this oil could be used alone. Used regularly, I feel like this oil, over time, could balance my hormonal skin whilst providing an extra source of hydration in areas where needed (ie: dehydration lines on forehead, eep).

Treat: The Problem Solver

Thoughts: Provides an intense tingle (like the kind you get when you know a product is working). I let it sit for 45 minutes as per the instructions and rinse it off with just warm water. And I am left with even softer skin than when I use the Clean Dirt. My skin just glows. And consider me addicted (I had to buy the full-size). I use this product now every couple of weeks, and I have had amazing results. You know a product is exceptional when you are divided between sharing with the world, or keeping it hush as your own personal beauty secret. Blemish zapping, glow-inducing, softening, what more could a girl want?
Lavish: The Good Stuff

Thoughts: I fell in love with this oil at first sight. There is something so luxurious about this golden liquid. My skin drinks up this incredibly irresistible potion, leaving my skin hydrated and happy. I am positively addicted to this oil, and even confess to smelling my skin throughout the day. I never thought I would use the words 'oil' and 'sexy' in a sentence together, but there is something so sensual about this potion. This oil is the one (!) that has me falling in love with body oils all over again.

Is it possible to love one line of products so much? I know many will hesitate due to the price ($60-120), but I honestly think that they are affordable when you factor in how long they actually last, the quality of the ingredients, the benefits to your skin, and the ability to create a quiet time in your day where you can pause and provide some much needed self-care. I love all four of the products in May's line and am excited to try her soon to be released 'The Honey Mud' and 'Blue Cocoon'.
Visit May Lindstrom's website here.


  1. Hi Kels,

    Thanks for the article. May Lindstrom is a great brand! We are happy to work with it!

    1. Oh wow, working with May Lindstrom would be a dream come true! x