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November Wishlist

Wow, November hit us fast. Hopefully Australia is in for some nice weather for once...fingers crossed. Also, Christmas is only a month away, so there's that. Join me in the impossible job of forgetting the impending holidays. Here's November's Wishlist, enjoy!

1. RMS Unpowder: The hype around this product is enough to make me want this product! Poreless skin!
2. Honeybee Gardens Lipstick in 'Superstitious' : The perfect on-trend oxblood lip colour. In love.
3. Yuli Panacea Elixir (or any of their elixirs for that matter...): I keep seeing rave reviews of Yuli products, and I'm thinking I might enter the 'toner mist' battle again to see if this can help with the dehydration lines on my forehead.
4. RMS Lip Shine in 'Sacred': I'm so keen to try RMS products, but as they contain coconut oil (which breaks my face out), this is one of the few I could try (coconut on the lips = great, on the face = acne). Plus, this colour is gorgeous.
5. May Lindstrom Skin 'The Problem Solver': Also dying for her new products to be released, but in the meantime I would love to grab this. May can do no wrong, and this product leaves my skin feeling as soft as butter.


  1. Where about in Australia are you? I'm in Melbourne and gosh the weather is pleasant this week but hasn't been last week, at all! I hope it stays this nice though, although I think I can wait to welcome summer :p

    RMS Un-Powder is goood! I cannot compare it anything else though because this is my first powder ever. I wouldn't say I had 'poreless' skin effect but I could vouch for making my skin look soft-focus which is why it looks poreless. Stays on me all day too. I liked Un Cover Up alone, but I think I like it better with Un Powder on top <3. Can't wait for RMS to release more products, best make-up brand ever. and RMS lip shine in Sacred is gorgeous! You should get it when the weather is this nice, Sacred will complement the sunshine really well! ;)

    Let me know when you've tried Yuli elixir and if it's more than just a 'toner'!! and I agree with Problem Solver leaving the skin as soft as butter. I am also amazed when my skin is left not at all dry, but feels plump despite the ingredients.

    1. I'm in Tasmania, the place known for notoriously bad weather haha. Glad you are having some nice weather though :) I just bought the cocoon elixir and it will be interesting to see how my skin reacts! I'm excited for RMS to release tube lipsticks too!