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Review: Happy Skincare

Happy Skincare is an 100% natural Australian skincare company that I have had my eye on for years now. The Happy Skincare range contains products that are not only organic and vegan, but also effective for your skin. I love their philosophy, which is:

"Our philosophy to improve your skin health is the same as if you were trying to improve your overall health.

To keep your skin bright and clear you should feed your skin what it needs – natural and organic ingredients that have high anti-oxidant and vitamin content along with a healthy dose of essential fatty acids. Anti-oxidants are vital to help us fight oxidative stress caused by our lifestyles which depletes our skin of nutrients and is the precursor to many skin issues, including making us look older. We also look for oils high in Omega 3, 6, 9, 5 and 7 such as Chia Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Macadamia Oil."

I was fortunate enough several months ago to be send a sample pack of goodies by Happy Skincare to test out. When I ran out, I purchased full-size products of several products. Below are my honest (as always) thoughts about the Happy Skincare line.

3 Cheers Cleansing Oil & Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm
The 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil is one of the newest editions to the Happy Skincare line, and was the first of the two cleansers I tried. I love how it provides all of the benefits of an oil cleanser, but when water is added it turns milky and is washed away easily. I am wary of using oil to cleanse my skin, as I am prone to breaking out, so this product reassures me. This is great for those days when you don't have the time, or can't be bothered with the extra time it takes to use a normal balm cleanser. I just apply to my dry face and massage well, then rinse and dry my face afterwards with a cotton face washer. I don't find it causes breakouts, and it doesn't strip my skin. It is a keeper.
The Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm was left in the sidelines as I fell in love with 3 Cheers. However, one day after wearing sunscreen I decided to try it out, and afterwards, wondered why I hadn't tried it sooner! This balm is perfect for removing makeup, sunscreen and other gunk that accumulates on your skin throughout the day. My absolute favourite way of using it is massaging it into my dry skin, then hopping into the shower. I let it sit while I wash my hair and let the steam penetrate, then rinse it off well with my hands last thing. I find that applying this before a shower helps protect my skin from drying out from the warm water, which I need! If you aren't showering, you can use a warm washcloth or a konjac sponge to remove the balm instead.

Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic
This mist contains amazing ingredients; a base of Aloe Vera and Rose Otto hydrosol, with MSM, Radish Root ferment, and extracts of Pomegranate and Kakadu Plum extract. In fact, if I created my own dream toner; these are the kind of ingredients I would want in it! This hydrosol is perfect to spray straight after cleansing, onto clean dry skin, or throughout the day as a pick-me-up. I adore the rose scent, and find it hydrating but not sticky, and the perfect prep for face oils.

Good Vibes Facial Oil & Perfectly Happy Light Antioxidant Cream
Good Vibes Facial Oil is the perfect all-rounder facial oil. It is suited to all skin types, but especially dry and mature skin. I need a hydrating face oil, and find this one works well to hydrate and calm my dry and acne-prone skin. Good Vibes is a luxurious blend of Hemp, Camellia, Argan, Seabuckthorn, Watermelon and Chia Seed oils, anti-oxidant rich Acai and Pomegranate, and beautiful extracts of Elderberry, Rosemary, and Blue Cypress among others. This oil works great on its own, over a serum, or after toning your skin.
The Perfectly Happy Light Antioxidant Cream surprised me to be honest. When I see that a product is described as 'light', I imagine it won't be hydrating enough for my skin. However, I was wrong. This beauty is deeply hydrating, but not greasy in the slightest, and contains amazing ingredients like kakadu plum, vitamin C, papaya, MSM, and aloe vera. This moisturiser is suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone, as it contains zero pore clogging ingredients. I pop this moisturiser over the top of the Good Vibes Facial oil on days when I feel I need extra hydration.

Pig in Mud Mineral Mask for Normal, Dry and Sensitive Skin
This mask was designed to detoxify, tone, remove blackheads and reduce pores, smooth skin, and help skin recover from breakouts. It comes as a fine powder, and you only need a small amount combined with either water, honey, yoghurt or your favourite toner. I applied a thin layer to my face and found it dried within 10 minutes. It removed easily and left my skin feeling oh so soft and smooth. It didn't leave it dry either, which can sometimes occur with dry clay masks. Oh and the ingredients! Kaolin (pink and white) clay and Moroccan Lava clay combine with green tea and pomegranate extract for anti-ageing and skin improving benefits. This mask is so affordable too, along with the rest of the Happy Skincare range.

I love all of the products I was able to try from Happy Skincare, and could imagine all of them being staples in my skincare routine. In fact, I would own the whole collection if I wasn't so busy testing other skincare brands out for this website, and whittling down my current collection.
If you want to try out Happy Skincare, use the code 'Kels' for $5 off orders over $20!

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