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Review: Fresca Deodorants

I had previously tried Fresca deodorants in the past, loved them, and reviewed them here, but as the life of a blogger is, had moved on to the piles of product to be tested and had yet to return back to this trusty one. That's why when I was contacted by Fresca, I was keen to test out a couple of their different scents. I had previously bought the rose and the citrus scents from Nourished Life, and loved them. Fresca sent me the unscented and the jaisara versions to try, and I am here today to share why I have fallen in love with this product once again.

To start with, all deodorants from Fresca are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and palm-oil free. It seems that most natural deodorants come as a paste these days, which I love, but nothing beats the ease and cleanliness of a roll-on. I love that these deodorants are simply a swipe and go product! It also makes reapplication if needed much easier.

Jaisara smells just beautiful to me; an amazing combination of jasmine and ylang ylang. I find this deodorant doubles as perfume. The unscented deodorant is a great option for those of us that are sensitive to scent (I have days where I can only wear unscented products otherwise I will get terrible headaches).

These deodorants last all day for me, and I reapply before bedtime so it lasts through til the next morning. I have noticed zero irritation from this deodorant, which I know is a big concern of those using natural deodorants, as they tend to be more irritating to the skin than conventional as they contain bicarb. Along with zero irritation, I have noticed that my underarms stay drier than when using most deodorants (possibly because it isn't packed with oils and butters?).

If you are looking for a natural aluminium-free deodorant, I highly recommend trying these deodorants out! If you don't want to just take my word for it, check out the many (Many!) reviews on Fresca's website.

In Australia, buy two deodorants to get free shipping.
International: buy three + deodorants to get free shipping!
Check out Fresca's website here.

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  1. Great review on Fresca. One of our best selling products.