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How To: Clean Your Detangling Brush

I recently was generously gifted a detangling brush from Hello Hair, and wanted to keep it looking as new as possible, as long as possible, despite using it daily. I thought I would share the most effective way I have found to keep my brush looking new. Keep reading for the simple steps below.

You will need:
  • Your detangling brush (duh!)
  • Shampoo (I use whatever I have on current rotation, or one I am trying to use up)
  • A comb and brow brush
  • Towel
1. First up, I remove all the excess hair I can from the detangling brush with my fingers. The tiny hairs remaining can be removed with the comb side of the comb and brow brush.
2. Fill the sink with hot water and shampoo of your choice. Stick the detangling brush in the water with the bristles facing down. Leave for a few minute to soak (I use this opportunity to shower!).
3. Remove brush from water and utilise the brow side of the comb and brow brush to get between the bristles, and clean the base.
4. Dip in shampoo-y water in sink a few times, then empty sink and rinse detangling brush under running water.
5. Dry with towel. Done!

Hope these tips help! I find the shampoo really helps dissolve the build up that the brush gets from the use of hair products and normal sebum the scalp produces.

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