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Review: Ground Up Skin Co

I was lucky enough to be sent a package full of Ground Up Skin Co. goodies recently, and I wanted to share my thoughts on them today!

Ground Up Skin Co. is an Australian company based in the Gold Coast. All Ground Up Skin Co products are handmade, natural, simple, effective and affordable. Each product has been created to cure a need for better skin, softer pins & whitey white teeth.

As a real girl, in a material world we don't give ourselves enough time to rest, relax & look after ourselves. So here is the perfect excuse! Turn off your phone, run a bath or jump in the shower & chill out with Ground:Up Skin Co.

White Kaolin Face Mud Mask
This face mask comes as a light pink powder that you mix with water to create a gorgeous pinky-purple paste. White Kaolin Clay boosts cell renewal, detoxifies & cleans oily skin, whilst Fullers Earth & Bentonite Clay provides essential minerals & nutrients back into your skin. This mask is perfect for breakout prone skin and those that wear a lot of makeup and need a deep clean. It is lightly scented of rose petals and smells gorgeous. As this mask is so potent it only needs to be used 1-2 times a week, and a packet should last you up to a year! I leave this mask to dry on my skin so that the included clays can work their magic on my skin, then remove. This does a great job of clearing up any active breakouts and congested skin in my t-zone. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and glowing.

Chocolate Mint Coffee Body Scrub
Ground Up Skin have combined delicious organic Cacao with tingly Mint to give a delicious twist to our organic ground coffee. With all the added benefits including a defence against persistent cellulite & stretch marks as well as acne & skin inflammation. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants which fight the signs of ageing & free radicals, so not only will you have beautifully smooth hydrated skin, you're giving your skin the best chance of staying tight, fresh & supple.
This body scrub has quite a loose consistency, but I still find it hydrating on my skin due to the coconut and sweet almond oil it contains. This scrub smells like a peppermint patty and I am hooked! I have to restrain myself from eating it. This is the scrub I have been reaching for to keep my fake tan in check, as I find it preps my skin perfectly for me to apply my tan, and also prevents my tan from looking patchy or wearing off unevenly. I find when I use this regularly my cellulite appears less visible as well!

Hydrating Face Serum
Hydrate & calm redness with 'Happy Skin'! This nutrient-rich Face Serum is the perfect addition to your skin care routine with ingredients to repair, nourish & hydrate even the driest skin.
This serum is the perfect product for my dry skin! I apply underneath my daily moisturiser as an extra moisture boost, and it helps hydrate and leave my skin looking glowing. This face serum smells likes roses and will leave you swooning!

I loved everything I tried from Ground Up Skin Co., and I recommend you guys check them out!

To buy Ground Up Skin Co products, head to their website here.

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