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Review: Klorane Hair Care

One of the best things about being a beauty blogger is being introduced to products you haven't had the chance to try out yet. I was recently sent a whole heap of goodies from Klorane, and after testing them out, I am ready to share my thoughts. (Keep in mind I have dry, damaged hair and all of these products mentioned are suited to that except the dry shampoos which are suitable for all hair types).

The KLORANE brand was founded on a passion for plants and nature. Since 1965, botanists, agronomists and pharmacists have been observing and cultivating plants to extract original active ingredients for our products. KLORANE Laboratories carefully selects each plant based on the specific needs that its properties address. As explorers of the plant kingdom, we study every possible extract to discover its potential benefits. Through our products, KLORANE conveys our brand values: Authenticity, Simplicity and Safety.

I was sent the Mango Dry Hair Nutrition Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Mango Oil Spray, and the complete range of Klorane dry shampoos.
Nourishing shampoo and conditioner with KLORANE mango butter.
Is your hair dry, or very dry, coarse and damaged? Is it difficult to untangle and prone to breaking? Or curly or frizzy? The KLORANE hair care range with mango butter was specially developed to nourish and repair hair deep down. KLORANE mango butter is recognized for its unique concentration in 3 nourishing and coating fatty acids.

Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner
I have tried so many different hair care products over the years, but had never tried Klorane until recently. I wasn't sure how the shampoo would work in my hair as I find most hydrating shampoos to leave my hair feeling greasy or with residue. However, I was excited to find that the shampoo rinsed out fully, leaving my hair well cleansed but not stripped, or still oily. Basically the perfect shampoo for my hair! The conditioner is rich and creamy and leaves my hair feeling so hydrated and smooth. My hair is also much easier to detangle when using this conditioner, even though I am due to have a haircut!
Oh, and I can't forget to mention the scent of these products! The shampoo and conditioner smell like tropical mango paradise; probably the best smelling haircare I have used.

Mango Oil Spray
A conditioning, repairing and UV protective spray for dry, damaged, sun exposed hair.
This mango spray smells amazing and is the perfect summer product to help protect your hair against the harsh sun and pool/ salt water. This also can be used as a spray before using heat tools such as a hair straightener or curling iron. I love that this contains ingredients that provide UV filters and protect the hair, while still being lightweight and non-greasy. You only need the tiniest amount of this spray as well, so it will last forever. When I use this product, I prefer to spray into my hands and then work it into my hair, rather than spritzing directly onto the hair as I can put it exactly where I need it, but it is personal preference.

If you haven't heard about Klorane's Dry Shampoo range, you must have been living under a rock. Klorane offer three different dry shampoos and I have been putting them all to the test.

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
I have tried this dry shampoo in the past and loved it. I loved it just as much this time around as well. This is the perfect all-rounder dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil without leaving my hair stiff or with a powdery residue. It also gives the hair much needed volume on flat hair days!

Gentle Natural-Tinted Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract
This is the tinted version of the original oat milk dry shampoo. It matches my hair perfectly and doesn't leave the dread grey hair appearance that dry shampoos can do to dark hair. I do find this one a bit harder to work with as I have to be careful that I don't spray it on my forehead at all, as it will be slightly visible. I recommend this to dark haired ladies and men that can't stand the grey looking appearance dry shampoo can give hair if not brushed out thoroughly.

Nettle Oil Control Dry Shampoo
This is quite similar to the dry shampoo with oat milk, except for the nettle it contains which provides greater absorbency properties. For this reason, I reach for this dry shampoo over the others when my hair is super super oily as it really helps mops up the excess and stretch out my hair washing another day (or two!).

You can purchase Klorane products at Priceline.

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