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Review: Flora and Fauna Winter Beauty Box

It seems almost every day now there is a new online store launching that stocks green beauty and skincare. It is hard to know which is the best of the lot, however I find myself loyal to a precious few for their customer service, variety of brands and attention to detail. Flora and Fauna is one of those such stores; a store that I myself have purchased goodies from and would continue to in the future.

Flora and Fauna are based in NSW, Australia, but they ship worldwide at an affordable price. All products they stock are 100% vegan, cruelty free and contain no nasty ingredients.
Flora and Fauna offer a seasonal beauty box packed with natural and organic beauty, skincare and body products. Each box contains 6-8 products, with at least one full size product, and several travel/sample sizes.
I love this box for several reasons. Firstly, it is amazing value, at $29.99 per season and containing products worth well over that. In fact, the Winter Box contains a full size Inika product worth $39! Secondly, it is seasonal, and not monthly, which works for me as I don't get overloaded with product, and it contains seasonally relevant products (i.e. sunscreen in summer). Finally, I love how you can buy a one off box, or buy a pack for a year. Most beauty boxes require you to subscribe, and you are locked in for a period of time; not the case with Flora and Fauna!

I was sent the Flora and Fauna Winter Beauty Box to try out and give you my thoughts, which you can read below. (Note: I have previously purchased a Flora and Fauna box myself, and loved that just as much as this one! You can read that review here.)

(Sadly, the Winter Box has now sold out, but all of these products are available to be purchased on the Flora and Fauna website. You can also sign up for the Four Seasons Beauty Box, which ships out at the beginning of each season.)

Inika Light Reflect Highlighting Crème
This highlighter is gorgeous. It has great ingredients and the colour would be flattering for most skin types. I use this to highlight my brow and cheek bones, and the bow of my lips. It gives a beautiful luminous look and has no glitter particles to make it look cheap. A luxurious product for sure; this retails at $39, $10 more than what the full beauty box costs!

ECO. Certified Organic Coconut Oil
This body actually arrived solid due to the cold weather where I live (coconut oil makes up the base of this body oil and is solid at cooler temperatures), but a quick run under warm water is enough to make it usable. This has a vanilla scent which isn't overpowering which is great for me as I have been reaching for unscented/minimally scented products lately. It contains coconut, evening primrose and vanilla extract to boost skin elasticity, nourish and hydrate the skin.

My Magic Mud Teeth Whitening Powder
I have used other brands of charcoal based teeth powders in the past and loved them. This is a great option for those that are looking for a peroxide free, natural teeth whitening option. This sample size is actually quite generous considering you only need a small amount on your toothbrush. This tooth powder will leave your teeth and gums feeling healthier and cleaner than a trip to the dentist. I can't believe how smooth my teeth feel as well!

Pearl Bar Floss Picks
I put this floss pick in my handbag for use in the future. I love that these picks are biodegradable and charcoal infused. These picks are a great product to pop in any bag for those times when you need dental floss on the go, like after going out for lunch.

Passionate Skin Care Vegan Skin Food
This light whipped butter contains 5 oils and shea butter to heal, repair and nourish. This can be used anywhere, but I reserve this for areas that need extra moisture (think; lips, hips, heels, elbows). This smells like manuka oil and hydrates like nobodies business.

Soak Society Wellness Soak
How beautiful does this soak look?! This bath soak contains luxurious clays, salts, rose petals, rose geranium oil and rose oil to calm, cleanse and detoxify. This smells glorious, thanks to the rose geranium and rose oil. I also think there is nothing more fancy and lovely than rose petals floating on top of bath water. This wellness soak is a great option for a romantic night with your loved one, or for a moment of relaxation and self love.

Hannah Pad Organic Cotton Panty Liner
I think this is a product for the open minded folks. I personally don't use panty liners, but for those that do, and are concerned about their environmental impact, this is a great option. This kind to you and the environment liner is great for those completely comfortable with their bodies and their menstrual cycle. I think that it is great that brands like Hannah Pad are raising awareness and encouraging women to become more in tune with their bodies. The topic of menstruation is a subject that is so taboo, but shouldn't be, because it is something that all women experience.

Hope you enjoyed my unveiling of the Flora and Fauna Winter Box. You can sign up for your own beauty box at Flora and Fauna's website.

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