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Review: Maybelline Dream Cushion SPF 40 Liquid Foundation + Bricks Bronzer

Maybelline has recently released two products that I have been obsessed with, and have to share with you!

The first is their Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation. This foundation is my first foray into cushion foundations, as up until now I haven't been able to find one that has a shade range suitable for my pale pale skin! I wear the lightest shade in the Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation; 01 Natural Ivory, and find it a great match for my skin.

The cushion foundation packaging is a standard cushion foundation packaging with the mirror, sponge applicator, protective lid and cushion foundation. The product comes with a sponge-like cushion that is saturated with foundation, that can be pressed down with a brush, beauty blender, finger, or the included applicator to release product for application.

What I love about this foundation is it's buildability. You can use the smallest amount, for sheer coverage, or build it up to almost full coverage. Using a brush is the best way to get the fullest coverage, but I prefer using a damp beauty blender for its ease, medium coverage, and dewier finish.

This foundation applies smoothly and evenly to my dry skin, and doesn't accentuate any fine lines or flakiness. It has a slight dewy/hydrating finish, but isn't oily or shiny looking. It looks so natural and beautiful on the skin, and lasts all day when set with powder, or most of the day when worn alone.

Also, this product boasts SPF40 coverage, which is almost unheard of for a foundation. Of course, you would have to apply an absurdly thick layer of foundation to get that full SPF40 protection, but I love that I am getting that extra bit of protection from the sun. You also can't tell from the formulation that it contains sunscreen, which is such a plus!

My second fave product is their Bricks Bronzer. This bronzer comes with two sections; a matte bronzer and a shimmer bricks section to illuminate. Both sections would be suitable for light and medium tones, and perfect for a glowing, bronzed summer look.

I find (as someone with very pale skin), that the matte bronzer adds the perfect amount of colour when I apply it to areas that would be naturally sun kissed. It isn't orange and doesn't look muddy on my skin, and looks so natural. I find it blends easily into my skin as well.

The shimmer brick section is the perfect way to add a lit from within glow to your face. It isn't a blinding highlighter, so if you are expecting that, you will be disappointed. But if you like a natural glow, this is a great option. The shimmer bricks are made up of three different shades, so you can use them individually, or run your brush over all of them for a golden glow that I find looks nice even popped over my bronzer for a subtle glow.


Both products are affordable and are making their way to your local Priceline and Chemist Warehouse (they might already be there!)


  1. I'm hoping the cushion comes in the right shade for me, as much as I love the bronzer I'm thinking it would be a no show on my face.. Swatched look perfect on your skin

  2. Oooh they sound terrific, I love that the foundation is SPF 40, that is unheard of, you're right! Especially cool that it doesn't show signs or smell too sunscreen-like, not that it would bother me since I actually love the scent of sunscreen haha, but still, some don't. I have been searching my stores whenever Im out for these products, can't wait to try. Im just hoping the Ivory isn't still too dark for me or yellow.

    Jacqueline xo