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Review: Antipodes Makeup Range

With Antipodes producing much raved about skincare, coveted from beauty bloggers to celebrities alike, you would be forgiven for not realising that they also do makeup. Antipodes's small but mighty makeup range contains mineral foundation, translucent powder and lipsticks that promise to improve skin health while you wear them, and are packed full of natural ingredients!

I recently received some items from the Antipodes makeup range, and have been testing them over the past month or so. I have really been loving everything and wanted to share my thoughts!

Performance Plus Mineral Foundation
This mineral foundation contains a natural SPF of 15 and is unlike most mineral powders in that it is not drying on the skin, which is perfect for my dry skin. It contains extracts from sauvignon blanc grape seeds and kiwifruit skin to hydrate and improve your skin's health. I wear the shade pale pink 01, which is perfect for my pale skin. It is fragrance free, which I love as I can be quite sensitive to fragrance; natural or synthetic. I generally prefer pressed powders, but I have found myself reaching for this lately, which tells you something! Recommend this.

Translucent Powder
This finishing powder is a double duty product that promises to whip away unwanted shine, maximise the time your foundation stays on for, and refine your complexion, while leaving your skin looking bright and fresh thanks to an extract from sauvignon blanc grape seeds.
I found this worked well at mattifying the areas I wanted, without drying out my skin. I have also used it to bake under my eyes, and find it works great for that.
Both the translucent powder and the mineral foundation have mirror finish lids, which can be used in a pinch to apply your makeup if you are out and about and don't have a mirror with you!

Natural Lipsticks
I received these lipsticks in the shades April Sun in Cuba (a bright orange red), and Hit Me With Your Best Shot (a hot pink). These lipsticks are 99% natural, and contain nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil to keep lips hydrated all day. These lipsticks have a matte finish but feel so moisturising on my lips. They can be applied lightly to give a subtle look or built up to give a bright pop of colour. They slightly stain my lips, but will transfer as moisturising lipsticks do.
They come in the most sleek packaging, reminiscent of Nars' black soft touch packaging, and are available in four other shades, so you can find the perfect shade to suit you!


I highly recommend Antipodes makeup range to natural and conventional beauty lovers alike!

To purchase Antipodes makeup range, head to David Jones.

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  1. These new products sound amazing! I really need to get a loose translucent powder, I have a pressed one, but I find it to be more drying than loose. Those lipsticks look amazing too!!

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au xx