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Sash Cosmetics Luminous Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

It's no secret (to those of you that follow me on Instagram), how much I love lipsticks and lip products in general. So when I received a gorgeous package from Sash Cosmetics of their Luminous Lipsticks, I couldn't wait to test them out!

Sash Cosmetics is a new Australian Cosmetics company that has released their first line of products; their Luminous Lipsticks. These lipsticks are super quality but still affordable, retailing at $16.95 each. They have 12 shades of lipstick in their collection, ranging from reds, to nudes, mauves and pinks. All lipsticks are paraben free, and cruelty free (candelilla wax and microcrystalline wax are used instead of beeswax).

The packaging of these lipsticks is beyond stunning. The black and gold tubes have a very luxurious vibe that is only amplified by the way you remove the lid. To open them, you push the top of the lid which then releases the lipstick out the bottom!

I received five of the twelve lipsticks in the collection. All five are a matte formula, and have incredible staying power. They glide easily onto lips, and last all day (until you choose to remove them). Their formula is similar to the lipsticks I have tried from Shanghai Suzy, for reference. All shades I tried were incredibly pigmented and had an opaque finish. I love these lipsticks as they are creamy and buttery but actually stay on your lips!

The shades I tried were:

Last Dance- Dusty mid-toned pink-mauve nude

Light It Up- Bright orange red

Lost In Lust- Neutral light pink nude

Gypsy Child- Muted cool tone purple

Cosmic Rose- Muted rosy pink

My absolute favourite colours from the five are Gypsy Child, Light It Up and Cosmic Rose, as they suit my pale skin and light brown hair the best. However I do love all of the shades and I have to say, Sash really pulled it out of the park with this shade range!


I am obsessed with these lippies and sometimes wish I had more than one pair of lips so I didn't have to decide on one shade to wear! ;)

With their lust-worth packaging, amazing formulation and affordable price, I highly recommend Sash Cosmetics' Lipsticks!

Sash Cosmetics offer free shipping for orders over $50!

To order your own Sash Lippies, head to their website.

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