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Review: NYX Cosmetics

I was recently gifted some makeup from NYX Cosmetics Australia to test out and review on my website, and now I have had time to properly test everything, I am here to share my thoughts.

I received a wide range of NYX products to try out. NYX is a new-to-me brand and I was so excited to get everything on ma' face! Keep reading below for my review on each product I tried.

Nude 'Tude HD Blush
This blush is medium brown shade that looks best on fairer skin tones. I found that I could also use this shade, due to its colour, as an all over bronzer. It is a very nice finely milled powder, and I find it blends so easily. I need to try this in a more traditional blush colour (ie: pink) as well as I love this formula!

Retractable Eyeliner in Aqua Green
This eyeliner crayon is super pigmented and creamy, and adds a great pop of colour to your eye makeup look. I love that it is waterproof and that it lasts all day without smudging.

Glam Liner in Glam Golden
This is one of my new favourite eyeliners! It glides on the skin easily, and I find the formula perfect for creating a crisp line. It is also the most gorgeous shade; smoke with a gold glitter fleck throughout to almost create an olive shade. This baby lasts on my lids all day without moving or transferring; winner!!

Za Za Zu Volume Mascara
This mascara has quite a dry formula, and contains fibers to give lashes a lengthening and volumising boost. My favourite way to use this mascara is to use under another mascara as a kind of lash primer. It preps lashes perfectly to create envy worthy lashes when followed with another mascara. I find that when I use this mascara alone I get a few straggler fibers falling throughout the day, so I prefer to keep my contact wearing eyes safer by using a top coat of another mascara!

Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer
I received this in the green shade which is perfect for minimising skin redness. I found this easily blended into my skin and helped blur the redness of my acne blemishes and rosacea. I generally prefer concealers in tubes as I find them more hygienic, but I love the full coverage of this concealer pot.

Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cobalt
This eye pencil is a highly pigmented blue with silver glitter flecks throughout. I love that this is multipurpose and can be used as an eye liner or an eye shadow. I personally love to add this to the outer edge of my black liner to give a pop of colour without looking overdone. This pencil glides easily and feels hydrating. I need this in other shades!

Primal Colours in Hot Black
This highly pigmented black pressed pigment is perfect for using as an eyeliner or as a shadow! If you are looking for an ultra ULTRA black shade, you need this. I found it lasted all day on my lids as well, which I consider amazing for a powder! This is also available in some VIVID shades which look beautiful.


Have you tried NYX Cosmetics?

NYX products are available from your local Priceline!

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