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Review: Evolution Keratin Haircare

As a beauty blogger, I rotate my haircare as much as my skincare and beauty products (almost constantly), as it is my job to test out a wide range of products and share my thoughts with you guys!
Today, I am bringing you a review of the brand that has been gracing my hair the past few weeks; Evolution Keratin.

Evolution Keratin LLC was founded on the basis of creating and finding solutions for everyday essential beauty needs. Their objective is to utilize the strength of nature and the power of technology to provide balanced yet superior care products. The result of this devotion is beautiful, healthy hair for everyone.

I was sent Evolution Keratin's Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, their Blow-Out Treatment and their Leave-In Conditioning Spray; all products designed to tackle dry hair like mine!

Moisturising Shampoo
This Moisturizing Shampoo is a sulfate and sodium chloride-free formula, developed specially to gently cleanse while preserving color and keratin treatments. Formulated for all hair types.
This shampoo is probably the richest and thickest shampoo I have tried in my life, but it still rinses away leaving no greasiness behind. This has been great for my dry scalp and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean after I rinse it out, ready for the conditioner. I love how this shampoo thoroughly cleans but doesn't strip the hair. I use this shampoo just on my scalp, and don't scrub down to the ends, just like I do with all shampoos. I then follow with the conditioner from the mid to the end of my hair. I feel like this is the best way to wash your hair as I find your ends don't get stripped from the shampoo, and the scalp doesn't get greasy from conditioner, so your hair stays fresher for longer.

Moisturising Conditioner
This rich Moisturizing Conditioner was developed to preserve keratin treatments and is enriched with Argan oil. Natural proteins and essential oils create a shield over each strand, protecting the hair while repairing damage. Formulated for all hair types.
This conditioner is thick and moisturising! I use a generous amount and apply from mid to ends of my hair, leave for a few minutes, and then rinse. This leaves my hair so soft and detangled, which is a great result for my fine and easily tangled long hair. It hydrates but doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down, which is a huge plus!

Leave In Conditioning Spray
This LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER makes hair easier to manage while giving a light hold. It is formulated with a potent blend of vitamins and conditioning agents to strengthen and control rebellious and frizzy hair while adding exceptional shine.
I love how lightweight but effective this is in my hair. I use it whenever I need to detangle my hair, or before straightening it, and this does an exceptional job! It softens my dry ends and reduces frizz in my hair significantly, without weighing down my hair or making it greasy. I need to get my hands on more of this stuff!

Blow Out Treatment
This heat-activated Blowout Cream is made with Silk Protein and Argan Oil for instant absorption into the hair shaft. It is designed to seal in shine while smoothing out hair strands with every blowdry.
This is magical, even for someone who rarely blow-dries her hair. The formula contains a fine glittery sparkle, which isn't noticeable in the hair, but adds to the luxury of the product (who doesn't need more sparkle in their life?!) I actually use this product in my damp hair before air or blow drying and find it helps it dry much faster. It leaves my hair soft and hydrated as well; can't get enough of this stuff!


I would highly recommend Evolution Keratin hair products to those that have dry hair like mine!

You can buy Evolution Keratin products from Aquabaci; here.

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  1. Loved reading this! I deffs need to try this as I also suffer from dry hair, great post xx