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Review and Comparison: Garbo & Kelly Millennial Girl and Instagirl Contour Kits

Garbo & Kelly have definitely been rocking my world lately; from their brow products, to their highlighters to their eyeshadows, this up and coming Australian cosmetics brand sure know their stuff! Their products are great quality, perform well and are packaged beautifully. Today I wanted to talk about both of their contour kits, and the differences between them, so you can determine which palette would be best suited to you.

Both palettes come packaged in beautiful sleek black packaging, with gold writing and silver stars. Both come with a generous sized mirror inside, and a magnetic closure. Despite containing a mixture of powder/cream formulations, both kits contain 27 g of product, which for reference is the same amount of product as the ABH cream contour kit.

The Instagirl Contour Kit contains three powders, and three cream products.
The cream products included are Alice (a peachy orange shade); a shade to cancel dark circles, Barbara (pale yellow); perfect for highlighting, especially under the eyes, and Shirley (brown); the perfect deep contour shade. All three are so creamy and blend like a dream into the skin. They are so pigmented and can be used to create natural looking dimension to the skin without looking cakey, patchy or unnatural. I apply to the skin with either my finger or a brush, and blend out with a beauty blender.
The powder products included are Anita (Brown); perfect for contouring, Beverly (pale yellow); perfect for setting undereyes, and Vivien (a rosy blush); a great buildable blush shade. I don't think I have ever felt powders this soft and silky before. All three are suitable for my pale skin, and practically blend themselves. When applied on top of foundation, they don't make it look patchy, and blend into the skin, without looking like they are just sitting on top.

The Millennial Girl Contour Kit is an all cream palette and contains 5 contour shades, and 3 colour corrective shades.
As with the cream products in the Instagirl Contour Kit, the cream formula in this palette is just as creamy and blendable. The shades Donna and Louise are a bit too dark to use as a contour shade on my skin, but I get a lot of use out of Lucille; the perfect cool toned contour shade. This cream contour shade is the best I have used, and makes me want to use cream products more!
I use a mixture of Taylor (a light skin shade), and Bette (light yellow) to highlight and add light to areas of my face like the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, and to clean up my contour if necessary.
The Colour Correction Shades include Hedy (purple blue tone); to reduce sallowness and dullness, Rita (peachy pink orange tone); perfect for dark circles, and Olivia (green); neutralises redness. I don't really reach for Hedy, but I use Rita on my undereyes, and Olivia on any breakouts and broken capillaries, all the time. These correctors are highly pigmented, and wear well underneath foundation.

The cream products in both of these palettes are wax free, which is quite rare in the cosmetics world. It's amazing for those of us with break out prone skin, as wax tends to clog pores. The creamy formula of these products is beautiful and does not require you to add oil to your face beforehand to prep, as traditional dry and tough to blend out cream contours do. Despite the creaminess, it is not oily or greasy in the slightest, and it lasts well on my dry skin all day.

A tip I have for using cream products under foundation (especially cream colour correctors), is to very sparingly dust your face with powder before applying your foundation, so you don't disturb all of the cream product underneath.


In conclusion, I have rarely, if ever felt the quality of the cream and powder products in these palettes. Before using these palettes, I definitely considered myself a powder contour gal, but these products have got me loving (and preferring) the cream contour life!

If you are a cream contour gal, go for the Millennial Girl kit. It contains contour shades from the fairest to the darkest, and also contains three colour correctors to neutralise imperfections.

If however, you love powders, and are interested in entering the cream world, I recommend the Instagirl Contour Kit. It contains shades for light to medium skin tones, and allows you to dip your toe in the world of cream contour. It also contains a gorgeous blush!

You can't go wrong with either of these palettes. I love and use both, and definitely think its all down to personal preference.

You can buy both of these palettes from RY.com.au

*Products provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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