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Review: Sunescape Tanning

I am someone that personally feels more comfortable and more confident when rocking a golden glow, than when I am my natural pale self. It is of course much safer and healthier to get your tan from a bottle than the sun, so naturally I have tried out a LOT of tanning brands to find products that work for me. Lately I have been trying out Sunescape's Tanning range, and I wanted to share my thoughts!

Sunescape is an Australian-owned sunless tanning range known for delivering natural-looking colour along with its signature tropical scent.
Born in Sydney’s iconic Bondi, Sunescape is the creation of Matt and Lisa Williams, Directors of salon-only beauty distribution company, Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS).
After years of working with a number of salons, they recognised a trend in the needs and wants out of a spray tan solution- a healthy colour that didn’t cause dryness, streaking, patchiness or orange undertone and that was made without using harmful ingredients. After lots of trial and error, they came up with Sunescape!

Sunescape products are formulated to provide a natural looking and feeling tan, and one that smells amazing. They contain added vitamins, antioxidants and oils to nourish skin, as well as anti-ageing, hydrating and firming ingredients to leave skin smooth and replenished.
The proprietary Professional formula uses Ecocert approved DHA, not tested on animals, and free from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals.

Instant Self-Tan Mousse
I received this in the shade 'Week in Fiji', which is their medium shade. I applied this mousse all over my body, and was surprised to find that it dried quickly, and I was able to change into my clothes without any stickiness. I washed it off after 4/5 hours, and found that already my skin had developed a noticeable golden glow. It continued to develop overnight, and had fully developed by the morning. I found that this shade is perfect for my pale skin; it is noticeable but not over the top. It looks so natural, and isn't streaky or patchy despite how roughly I had applied it. The best part is that it doesn't go patchy and need to be removed, it just gradually fades!! I love the scent of this tan; it like sweet vanilla (the entire range I tested out smelled like this!)

Illuminating Body Tint
This stuff reminds me of the Sportsgirl shimmer liquid I used to use all over my body when I was younger before going out. To use, you squirt a small amount of product in your palm and rub into the area you want to appear more bronze and sunkissed. It rubs in leaving the area looking very naturally tanned, with just a hint of shimmer. It rinses off at the end of the day, so is great for those that want to add a bit of a bronze glow to their skin for a special occasion.

Gradual Tan Extender
This product is my fave of the four products I tried! This gradual tanner is the perfect natural golden shade, and looks so even and natural even when I hastily apply it. This product must have more DHA than the other gradual tanners I usually use, as it builds up on my skin quicker, and I find that I have achieved the level of tan I desire after only three applications! I love the sweet vanilla scent, and how hydrating it is.

Hydrating Body Butter
The sweet vanilla scent this has makes rubbing this beautifully hydrating and non greasy butter into your skin feel like such a treat! This is perfect for my skin as it is currently super dry with winter here! This is perfect to use to help extend the life of your tan, and to just hydrate and protect dry skin. I need more of this already!


I love all four products I had the chance to try from the Sunescape range, and would repurchase all.

You can buy Sunescape from their website or RY.

*Products provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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  1. You have explained it very well. It is very hard to find a natural and organic spray tan solution. Thank for the post. Regards - Brazil Bronze