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Review: Dusty Girls Blush and Bronzer

Recently, Dusty Girls revamped the packaging on all of their products to a gorgeous baby blue colour. I was also lucky to get my hands on their blushes and bronzer in their new packaging, so I thought I should show them in all their glory as well as my thoughts on each of them.

Dusty Girls is an Australian company that makes natural, mineral makeup. I have previously reviewed some of their products here.

Mineral Blush
Dusty Girls offers two different blush shades; Pink Ladies (soft pink shimmer), and Golden Delicious (golden terracotta tones). I think that Golden Delicious would be more suited to those with dark, deep skin tones as I find it too dark as a blush on my skin. I can however, get away with using it as a red toned bronzer. The Pink Ladies blush however is perfect for my skin tone and adds a natural flush of colour to my cheeks. It contains noticeable glitter in the pan, however it doesn't translate to the skin, and shows up as a satin matte finish on the face. Golden Delicious has a gorgeous sheen to it that I love, which you can see in swatches. I find that both blushes are super pigmented so you have to make sure you don't pick up too much product and end up looking like a clown. If you can exercise restraint, I find that both are great options and that they look really natural on the skin.

Top to Bottom: Pink Ladies, Sunshine, Golden Delicious.

Mineral Bronzer
Dusty Girls currently offers one bronzer in their range; Sunshine. Sunshine is pressed like both blushes and is a bronzer with warm, golden undertones, and slight shimmer. Like with the blushes, I have to exercise restraint with this bronzer due to its warm undertones or I end up looking like an oompa loompa. Used sparingly, this bronzer is gorgeous on my pale skin, and adds warmth, blending easily into my skin. This bronzer would be best for those with medium toned skin, due to its tone.


Dusty Girls is a brand worth trying if you are interested in trying natural makeup as their range is beautiful. Their products are so affordable as well!

To buy Dusty Girls products, head to their website here.

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